Generic service to manage named services using lazy instantiation based on instantiator callback functions
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A PSR-11-compliant services framework. Services are created by instantiators (callables), which are usually defined in separate wiring files.


$services = new ServiceContainer();
static function ( ServiceContainer $services ): MyService {
return new MyService();
$services->loadWiringFiles( [
] );

Where ServiceWiring.php looks like this:

return [
'MyOtherService' => static function ( ServiceContainer $services ): MyOtherService {
return new MyOtherService( $services->get( 'MyService' ) );
// ...

Each instantiator receives the service container as the first argument, from which it may retrieve further services as needed. Additional arguments for each instantiator may be specified when constructing the ServiceContainer.

Custom subclasses of ServiceContainer may offer easier access to certain services:

class MyServiceContainer extends ServiceContainer {
public function getMyService(): MyService {
return $this->get( 'MyService' );
public function getMyOtherService(): MyOtherService {
return $this->get( 'MyOtherService' );
// ServiceWiring.php
return [
'MyOtherService' => static function ( MyServiceContainer $services ): MyOtherService {
return new MyOtherService( $services->getMyService() );

Running tests

composer install --prefer-dist
composer test


This library was first introduced in MediaWiki 1.27 (I3c25c0ac17). It was split out of the MediaWiki codebase and published as an independent library during the MediaWiki 1.33 and MediaWiki 1.34 development cycles.