Vector Skin



Configuration options

See skin.json.


Coding conventions

We strive for compliance with MediaWiki conventions:

Additions and deviations from those conventions that are more tailored to this project are noted at:

URL query parameters

  • useskinversion: Like useskin but for overriding the Vector skin version user preference and configuration. E.g., http://localhost:8181?useskin=vector&useskinversion=2.

Skin preferences

Vector defines skin-specific user preferences. These are exposed on Special:Preferences when the VectorShowSkinPreferences configuration is enabled. The user's preference state for skin preferences is used for skin previews and any other operation unless specified otherwise.


Vector defines a "version" preference to enable users who prefer the December 2019 version of Vector to continue to do so without any visible changes. This version is called "Legacy Vector." The related preference defaults are configurable via the configurations prefixed with VectorDefaultSkinVersion. Version preference and configuration may be overridden by the useskinversion URL query parameter.


See hooks.txt.