Welcome to OOUI Tutorials!

The OOUI library was created by the Wikimedia Foundation. It has a lot of power under the hood, and a lot of potential for super-powerful JavaScript applications in your browser.

Install OOUI

For a new tutorial project, create a project folder and access it:

mkdir ooui-tutorial

cd ooui-tutorial

Then run npm init.

You can just skip the questions asked during the init process by pressing "enter", to say 'yes' to the default configuration (unless you wish to customize your package.json, in which case go ahead and customize it).

Next up: install OOUI by running:

npm install oojs-ui --save

That's it. Now you should have OOUI installed locally in your project folder. You are ready to pick a tutorial and start building a project.

OOUI Tutorials

These are the OOUI tutorials. You can access them from the links in the table below or, or from the toolbar at the top of this page. You can even access them from the page footer. If you are new to OOUI, start with "OOUI Basics: Part 1".

Tutorial Description
OOUI Basics: Part 1

Build a simple ToDo list App.

OOUI Basics: Part 2 Add more advanced features to the ToDo list app by developing custom widgets.