Class bugzilla::bugzilla
In: /srv/org/wikimedia/doc/puppetsource/modules/bugzilla/manifests/init.pp

Bugzilla module for Wikimedia

this module sets up parts of a custom Bugzilla installation for Wikimedia

production: labs/testing: Resource:Bugzilla docs:

requirements: a basic Apache setup on the node

             class {'webserver::php5': ssl => true; }

this sets up:

  • the apache site config
  • the SSL certs
  • the /srv/org/wikimedia dir
  • the bugzilla localconfig file
  • cronjobs and scripts:
 - auditlog mail for bz admins, bash
 - mail report for community metrics, bash
 - whine / collectstats statistics, perl
 - bugzilla reporter, php

you still have to copy upstream bugzilla itself to the bugzilla path and clone our modifications from the wikimedia/bugzilla/modifcations repo

Included Classes