Resource Type: augeas

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Apply a change or an array of changes to the filesystem using the augeas tool.




Sample usage with a string:

augeas { "test1":
  context => "/files/etc/sysconfig/firstboot",
  changes => "set RUN_FIRSTBOOT YES",
  onlyif  => "match other_value size > 0",

Sample usage with an array and custom lenses:

augeas { "jboss_conf":
  context   => "/files",
  changes   => [
      "set etc/jbossas/jbossas.conf/JBOSS_IP $ipaddress",
      "set etc/jbossas/jbossas.conf/JAVA_HOME /usr",
  load_path => "$/usr/share/jbossas/lenses",


  • returns (defaults to: 0)

    The expected return code from the augeas command. Should not be set.


  • changes

    The changes which should be applied to the filesystem. This can be a command or an array of commands. The following commands are supported:

    • `set <PATH> <VALUE>` — Sets the value `VALUE` at location `PATH`

    • `setm <PATH> <SUB> <VALUE>` — Sets multiple nodes (matching `SUB` relative to `PATH`) to `VALUE`

    • `rm <PATH>` — Removes the node at location `PATH`

    • `remove <PATH>` — Synonym for `rm`

    • `clear <PATH>` — Sets the node at `PATH` to `NULL`, creating it if needed

    • `clearm <PATH> <SUB>` — Sets multiple nodes (matching `SUB` relative to `PATH`) to `NULL`

    • `touch <PATH>` — Creates `PATH` with the value `NULL` if it does not exist

    • `ins <LABEL> (before|after) <PATH>` — Inserts an empty node `LABEL` either before or after `PATH`.

    • `insert <LABEL> <WHERE> <PATH>` — Synonym for `ins`

    • `mv <PATH> <OTHER PATH>` — Moves a node at `PATH` to the new location `OTHER PATH`

    • `move <PATH> <OTHER PATH>` — Synonym for `mv`

    • `rename <PATH> <LABEL>` — Rename a node at `PATH` to a new `LABEL`

    • `defvar <NAME> <PATH>` — Sets Augeas variable `$NAME` to `PATH`

    • `defnode <NAME> <PATH> <VALUE>` — Sets Augeas variable `$NAME` to `PATH`, creating it with `VALUE` if needed

    If the `context` parameter is set, that value is prepended to any relative `PATH`s.

  • context (defaults to: '')

    Optional context path. This value is prepended to the paths of all changes if the path is relative. If the `incl` parameter is set, defaults to `/files + incl`; otherwise, defaults to the empty string.

  • force (defaults to: false)

    Optional command to force the augeas type to execute even if it thinks changes will not be made. This does not override the `onlyif` parameter.

  • incl

    Load only a specific file, such as `/etc/hosts`. This can greatly speed up the execution the resource. When this parameter is set, you must also set the `lens` parameter to indicate which lens to use.

  • lens

    Use a specific lens, such as `Hosts.lns`. When this parameter is set, you must also set the `incl` parameter to indicate which file to load. The Augeas documentation includes [a list of available lenses](

  • load_path (defaults to: '')

    Optional colon-separated list or array of directories; these directories are searched for schema definitions. The agent's `$libdir/augeas/lenses` path will always be added to support pluginsync.

  • name (namevar)

    The name of this task. Used for uniqueness.

  • onlyif (defaults to: '')

    Optional augeas command and comparisons to control the execution of this type.

    Note: `values` is not an actual augeas API command. It calls `match` to retrieve an array of paths

    in <MATCH_PATH> and then `get` to retrieve the values from each of the returned paths.

    Supported onlyif syntax:


    • `values <MATCH_PATH> include <STRING>`

    • `values <MATCH_PATH> not_include <STRING>`

    • `values <MATCH_PATH> == <AN_ARRAY>`

    • `values <MATCH_PATH> != <AN_ARRAY>`

    • `match <MATCH_PATH> size <COMPARATOR> <INT>`

    • `match <MATCH_PATH> include <STRING>`

    • `match <MATCH_PATH> not_include <STRING>`

    • `match <MATCH_PATH> == <AN_ARRAY>`

    • `match <MATCH_PATH> != <AN_ARRAY>`


    • `AUGEAS_PATH` is a valid path scoped by the context

    • `MATCH_PATH` is a valid match syntax scoped by the context

    • `COMPARATOR` is one of `>, >=, !=, ==, <=,` or `<`

    • `STRING` is a string

    • `INT` is a number

    • `AN_ARRAY` is in the form `['a string', 'another']`

  • provider

    The specific backend to use for this `augeas` resource. You will seldom need to specify this — Puppet will usually discover the appropriate provider for your platform.

  • root (defaults to: /)

    A file system path; all files loaded by Augeas are loaded underneath `root`.

  • show_diff (defaults to: true)

    Whether to display differences when the file changes, defaulting to true. This parameter is useful for files that may contain passwords or other secret data, which might otherwise be included in Puppet reports or other insecure outputs. If the global `show_diff` setting is false, then no diffs will be shown even if this parameter is true.

    Supported values:
    • true
    • false
    • yes
    • no
  • type_check (defaults to: false)

    Whether augeas should perform typechecking. Defaults to false.

    Supported values:
    • true
    • false


  • parse_commands

    Parse the command string

  • need_to_run?

    If the command should run

  • execute_changes

    Actually make the changes