Source code for pywikibot.comms.threadedhttp

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Http backend layer, formerly providing a httplib2 wrapper."""
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2007-2020
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
__docformat__ = 'epytext'

# standard python libraries
import codecs
import re

from urllib.parse import urlparse

import pywikibot
from import deprecated

_logger = 'comm.threadedhttp'

[docs]class HttpRequest: """Object wrapper for HTTP requests that need to block origin thread. will be either: * a tuple of (dict, str) if the request was successful * an exception """
[docs] def __init__(self, uri, method='GET', params=None, body=None, headers=None, callbacks=None, charset=None, **kwargs): """ Initializer. See C{Http.request} for parameters. """ self.uri = uri self.method = method self.params = params self.body = body self.headers = headers if isinstance(charset, codecs.CodecInfo): self.charset = elif charset: self.charset = charset elif headers and 'accept-charset' in headers: self.charset = headers['accept-charset'] else: self.charset = None self.callbacks = callbacks self.args = [uri, method, body, headers] self.kwargs = kwargs self._parsed_uri = None self._data = None
@property def data(self): """Return the requests response tuple.""" assert(self._data is not None) return self._data @data.setter def data(self, value): """Set the requests response and invoke each callback.""" self._data = value if self.callbacks: for callback in self.callbacks: callback(self) @property def exception(self): """Get the exception, if any.""" if isinstance(, Exception): return @property def response_headers(self): """Return the response headers.""" if not self.exception: return @property def raw(self): """Return the raw response body.""" if not self.exception: return @property def parsed_uri(self): """Return the parsed requested uri.""" if not self._parsed_uri: self._parsed_uri = urlparse(self.uri) return self._parsed_uri @property def hostname(self): """Return the host of the request.""" return self.parsed_uri.netloc @property def status(self): """Return the HTTP response status. @rtype: int """ if not self.exception: return @property def header_encoding(self): """Return charset given by the response header.""" if not hasattr(self, '_header_encoding'): content_type = self.response_headers.get('content-type', '') pos = content_type.find('charset=') if pos >= 0: pos += len('charset=') encoding = self.response_headers['content-type'][pos:] self._header_encoding = encoding elif 'json' in content_type: # application/json | application/sparql-results+json self._header_encoding = 'utf-8' elif 'xml' in content_type: header = self.raw[:100].splitlines()[0] # bytestr in py3 m ='encoding=("|' br"')(?P<encoding>.+?)\1", header) if m: self._header_encoding ='encoding').decode('utf-8') else: self._header_encoding = 'utf-8' else: self._header_encoding = None return self._header_encoding @property def encoding(self): """Detect the response encoding.""" if not hasattr(self, '_encoding'): if not self.charset and not self.header_encoding: pywikibot.log("Http response doesn't contain a charset.") charset = 'latin1' else: charset = self.charset if (self.header_encoding and codecs.lookup( self.header_encoding) != ( codecs.lookup(charset) if charset else None)): if charset: pywikibot.warning( 'Encoding "{0}" requested but "{1}" ' 'received in the header.'.format( charset, self.header_encoding)) try: # TODO: Buffer decoded content, weakref does remove it too # early (directly after this method) self.raw.decode(self.header_encoding) except UnicodeError as e: self._encoding = e else: self._encoding = self.header_encoding else: self._encoding = None if charset and (isinstance(self._encoding, Exception) or not self._encoding): try: self.raw.decode(charset) except UnicodeError as e: self._encoding = e else: self._encoding = charset if isinstance(self._encoding, Exception): raise self._encoding return self._encoding
[docs] def decode(self, encoding, errors='strict'): """Return the decoded response.""" return self.raw.decode(encoding, errors)
@property @deprecated('the `text` property', since='20180321') def content(self): """DEPRECATED. Return the response decoded by the detected encoding.""" return self.text @property def text(self): """Return the response decoded by the detected encoding.""" return self.decode(self.encoding)
[docs] def __str__(self): """Return the response decoded by the detected encoding.""" return self.text
[docs] def __bytes__(self): """Return the undecoded response.""" return self.raw