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"""API login Interface."""
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2008-2022
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
import datetime
import re
from typing import Optional

import pywikibot
from pywikibot import login
from pywikibot.backports import Dict
from pywikibot.login import LoginStatus

__all__ = ['LoginManager']

[docs]class LoginManager(login.LoginManager): """Supply login_to_site method to use API interface.""" # API login parameters mapping mapping = { 'user': ('lgname', 'username'), 'password': ('lgpassword', 'password'), 'ldap': ('lgdomain', 'domain'), 'token': ('lgtoken', 'logintoken'), 'result': ('result', 'status'), 'success': ('Success', 'PASS'), 'fail': ('Failed', 'FAIL'), 'reason': ('reason', 'message') }
[docs] def keyword(self, key): """Get API keyword from mapping.""" return self.mapping[key][self.action != 'login']
def _login_parameters(self, *, botpassword: bool = False ) -> Dict[str, str]: """Return login parameters.""" # Since MW 1.27 only for bot passwords. self.action = 'login' if not botpassword: # get token using meta=tokens if supported token = self.get_login_token() if token: # Standard login request since MW 1.27 self.action = 'clientlogin' # prepare default login parameters parameters = {'action': self.action, self.keyword('user'): self.login_name, self.keyword('password'): self.password} if self.action == 'clientlogin': # clientlogin requires non-empty loginreturnurl parameters['loginreturnurl'] = '' parameters['rememberMe'] = '1' parameters['logintoken'] = token if parameters[self.keyword('ldap')] = return parameters
[docs] def login_to_site(self) -> None: """Login to the site. Note, this doesn't do anything with cookies. The http module takes care of all the cookie stuff. Throws exception on failure. """ self.below_mw_1_27 = False if hasattr(self, '_waituntil') \ and < self._waituntil: diff = self._waituntil - pywikibot.warning( 'Too many tries, waiting {} seconds before retrying.' .format(diff.seconds)) pywikibot.sleep(diff.seconds) = LoginStatus.IN_PROGRESS # Bot passwords username contains @, # otherwise @ is not allowed in usernames. # @ in bot password is deprecated, # but we don't want to break bots using it. parameters = self._login_parameters( botpassword='@' in self.login_name or '@' in self.password) # base login request login_request =, parameters=parameters) while True: # try to login try: login_result = login_request.submit() except pywikibot.exceptions.APIError as e: # pragma: no cover login_result = {'error': e.__dict__} # clientlogin response can be clientlogin or error if self.action in login_result: response = login_result[self.action] result_key = self.keyword('result') elif 'error' in login_result: response = login_result['error'] result_key = 'code' else: raise RuntimeError('Unexpected API login response key.') status = response[result_key] fail_reason = response.get(self.keyword('reason'), '') if status == self.keyword('success'): return if status in ('NeedToken', 'WrongToken', 'badtoken'): token = response.get('token') if token and self.below_mw_1_27: # pragma: no cover # fetched token using action=login login_request['lgtoken'] = token pywikibot.log('Received login token, proceed with login.') else: # if incorrect login token was used, # force relogin and generate fresh one pywikibot.error('Received incorrect login token. ' 'Forcing re-login.') # invalidate superior wiki cookies (T224712) login_request[ self.keyword('token')] = self.get_login_token() continue # messagecode was introduced with 1.29.0-wmf.14 # but older wikis are still supported login_throttled = response.get('messagecode') == 'login-throttled' if (status == 'Throttled' or status == self.keyword('fail') and (login_throttled or 'wait' in fail_reason)): wait = response.get('wait') if wait: delta = datetime.timedelta(seconds=int(wait)) else: match ='(\d+) (seconds|minutes)', fail_reason) if match: delta = datetime.timedelta(**{match[2]: int(match[1])}) else: delta = datetime.timedelta() self._waituntil = + delta break if 'error' in login_result: raise pywikibot.exceptions.APIError(**response) raise pywikibot.exceptions.APIError(code=status, info=fail_reason)
[docs] def get_login_token(self) -> Optional[str]: """Fetch login token for MediaWiki 1.27+. :return: login token """ login_token_request = use_get=False, parameters={'action': 'query', 'meta': 'tokens', 'type': 'login'}, ) login_token_result = login_token_request.submit() # check if we have to use old implementation of mw < 1.27 if 'query' in login_token_result: return login_token_result['query']['tokens'].get('logintoken') self.below_mw_1_27 = True # pragma: no cover return None