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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Miscellaneous helper functions for mysql queries."""
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2016-2020
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from contextlib import closing

import pywikibot

    import pymysql
except ImportError:
    raise ImportError('MySQL python module not found. Please install PyMySQL.')

from pywikibot import config2 as config
from import deprecated_args

[docs]@deprecated_args(encoding=None) def mysql_query(query: str, params=None, dbname=None, verbose=None): """Yield rows from a MySQL query. An example query that yields all ns0 pages might look like:: SELECT page_namespace, page_title, FROM page WHERE page_namespace = 0; From MediaWiki 1.5, all projects use Unicode (UTF-8) character encoding. Cursor charset is utf8. @param query: MySQL query to execute @param params: input parameters for the query, if needed if list or tuple, %s shall be used as placeholder in the query string. if a dict, %(key)s shall be used as placeholder in the query string. @type params: tuple, list or dict of str (unicode in py2) @param dbname: db name @type dbname: str @param verbose: if True, print query to be executed; if None, config.verbose_output will be used. @type verbose: None or bool @return: generator which yield tuples """ # These are specified in or if verbose is None: verbose = config.verbose_output if config.db_connect_file is None: credentials = {'user': config.db_username, 'passwd': config.db_password} else: credentials = {'read_default_file': config.db_connect_file} with closing(pymysql.connect(config.db_hostname, db=config.db_name_format.format(dbname), port=config.db_port, charset='utf8', **credentials)) as conn, \ closing(conn.cursor()) as cursor: if verbose: _query = cursor.mogrify(query, params) if not isinstance(_query, str): _query = str(_query, encoding='utf-8') _query = _query.strip() _query = '\n'.join(' {0}'.format(line) for line in _query.splitlines()) pywikibot.output('Executing query:\n' + _query) cursor.execute(query, params) yield from cursor