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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""SPARQL Query interface."""
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2016-2019
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import absolute_import, division, unicode_literals

import json

from requests.exceptions import Timeout

from pywikibot import config, warning, Site, sleep
from pywikibot.comms import http
from import UnicodeMixin, PY2, py2_encode_utf_8
from pywikibot.exceptions import Error, TimeoutError

if not PY2:
    from urllib.parse import quote
    from urllib2 import quote

DEFAULT_HEADERS = {'cache-control': 'no-cache',
                   'Accept': 'application/sparql-results+json'}

[docs]class SparqlQuery(object): """ SPARQL Query class. This class allows to run SPARQL queries against any SPARQL endpoint. """
[docs] def __init__(self, endpoint=None, entity_url=None, repo=None, max_retries=None, retry_wait=None): """ Create endpoint. @param endpoint: SPARQL endpoint URL @type endpoint: str @param entity_url: URL prefix for any entities returned in a query. @type entity_url: str @param repo: The Wikibase site which we want to run queries on. If provided this overrides any value in endpoint and entity_url. Defaults to Wikidata. @type repo: @param max_retries: (optional) Maximum number of times to retry after errors, defaults to config.max_retries. @type max_retries: int @param retry_wait: (optional) Minimum time in seconds to wait after an error, defaults to config.retry_wait seconds (doubles each retry until config.retry_max is reached). @type retry_wait: float """ # default to Wikidata if not repo and not endpoint: repo = Site('wikidata', 'wikidata') if repo: try: self.endpoint = repo.sparql_endpoint self.entity_url = repo.concept_base_uri except NotImplementedError: raise NotImplementedError( 'Wiki version must be 1.28-wmf.23 or newer to ' 'automatically extract the sparql endpoint. ' 'Please provide the endpoint and entity_url ' 'parameters instead of a repo.') if not self.endpoint: raise Error('The site {0} does not provide a sparql endpoint.' .format(repo)) else: if not entity_url: raise Error('If initialised with an endpoint the entity_url ' 'must be provided.') self.endpoint = endpoint self.entity_url = entity_url self.last_response = None if max_retries is None: self.max_retries = config.max_retries else: self.max_retries = max_retries if retry_wait is None: self.retry_wait = config.retry_wait else: self.retry_wait = retry_wait
[docs] def get_last_response(self): """ Return last received response. @return: Response object from last request or None """ return self.last_response
[docs] def select(self, query, full_data=False, headers=DEFAULT_HEADERS): """ Run SPARQL query and return the result. The response is assumed to be in format defined by: @param query: Query text @type query: str @param full_data: Whether return full data objects or only values @type full_data: bool @return: List of query results or None if query failed """ data = self.query(query, headers=headers) if data and 'results' in data: result = [] qvars = data['head']['vars'] for row in data['results']['bindings']: values = {} for var in qvars: if var not in row: # var is not available (OPTIONAL is probably used) values[var] = None elif full_data: if row[var]['type'] not in VALUE_TYPES: raise ValueError('Unknown type: {}' .format(row[var]['type'])) valtype = VALUE_TYPES[row[var]['type']] values[var] = valtype(row[var], entity_url=self.entity_url) else: values[var] = row[var]['value'] result.append(values) return result return None
[docs] def query(self, query, headers=DEFAULT_HEADERS): """ Run SPARQL query and return parsed JSON result. @param query: Query text @type query: str """ url = '{0}?query={1}'.format(self.endpoint, quote(query)) while True: try: self.last_response = http.fetch(url, headers=headers) except Timeout: self.wait() continue if not self.last_response.text: return None try: return json.loads(self.last_response.text) except ValueError: return None
[docs] def wait(self): """Determine how long to wait after a failed request.""" self.max_retries -= 1 if self.max_retries < 0: raise TimeoutError('Maximum retries attempted without success.') warning('Waiting {0} seconds before retrying.'.format(self.retry_wait)) sleep(self.retry_wait) # double the next wait, but do not exceed config.retry_max seconds self.retry_wait = min(config.retry_max, self.retry_wait * 2)
[docs] def ask(self, query, headers=DEFAULT_HEADERS): """ Run SPARQL ASK query and return boolean result. @param query: Query text @type query: str @rtype: bool """ data = self.query(query, headers=headers) return data['boolean']
[docs] def get_items(self, query, item_name='item', result_type=set): """ Retrieve items which satisfy given query. Items are returned as Wikibase IDs. @param query: Query string. Must contain ?{item_name} as one of the projected values. @param item_name: Name of the value to extract @param result_type: type of the iterable in which SPARQL results are stored (default set) @type result_type: iterable @return: item ids, e.g. Q1234 @rtype: same as result_type """ res =, full_data=True) if res: return result_type(r[item_name].getID() for r in res) return result_type()
[docs]class SparqlNode(UnicodeMixin): """Base class for SPARQL nodes."""
[docs] def __init__(self, value): """Create a SparqlNode.""" self.value = value
[docs] def __unicode__(self): return self.value
[docs]class URI(SparqlNode): """Representation of URI result type."""
[docs] def __init__(self, data, entity_url, **kwargs): """ Create URI object. @type data: dict """ super(URI, self).__init__(data.get('value')) self.entity_url = entity_url
[docs] def getID(self): """ Get ID of Wikibase object identified by the URI. @return: ID of Wikibase object, e.g. Q1234 """ urllen = len(self.entity_url) if self.value.startswith(self.entity_url): return self.value[urllen:] else: return None
[docs] @py2_encode_utf_8 def __repr__(self): return '<' + self.value + '>'
[docs]class Literal(SparqlNode): """Representation of RDF literal result type."""
[docs] def __init__(self, data, **kwargs): """ Create Literal object. @type data: dict """ super(Literal, self).__init__(data.get('value')) self.type = data.get('datatype') self.language = data.get('xml:lang')
[docs] @py2_encode_utf_8 def __repr__(self): if self.type: return self.value + '^^' + self.type if self.language: return self.value + '@' + self.language return self.value
[docs]class Bnode(SparqlNode): """Representation of blank node."""
[docs] def __init__(self, data, **kwargs): """ Create Bnode. @type data: dict """ super(Bnode, self).__init__(data.get('value'))
[docs] @py2_encode_utf_8 def __repr__(self): return '_:' + self.value
VALUE_TYPES = {'uri': URI, 'literal': Literal, 'bnode': Bnode}