Source code for pywikibot.editor

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Text editor class for your favourite editor."""
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2004-2020
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import absolute_import, division, unicode_literals

import codecs
import os
import subprocess
import tempfile

from sys import platform

import pywikibot

from pywikibot import config
from import deprecated

    from pywikibot.userinterfaces import gui
except ImportError as e:
    gui = e

[docs]class TextEditor(object): """Text editor.""" def _command(self, file_name, text, jump_index=None): """Return editor selected in""" if jump_index: # Some editors make it possible to mark occurrences of substrings, # or to jump to the line of the first occurrence. # TODO: Find a better solution than hardcoding these, e.g. a config # option. line = text[:jump_index].count('\n') column = jump_index - (text[:jump_index].rfind('\n') + 1) else: line = column = 0 # Linux editors. We use startswith() because some users might use # parameters. if config.editor.startswith('kate'): command = ['-l', '%i' % (line + 1), '-c', '%i' % (column + 1)] elif config.editor.startswith('gedit'): command = ['+%i' % (line + 1)] # seems not to support columns elif config.editor.startswith('emacs'): command = ['+%i' % (line + 1)] # seems not to support columns elif config.editor.startswith('jedit'): command = ['+line:%i' % (line + 1)] # seems not to support columns elif config.editor.startswith('vim'): command = ['+%i' % (line + 1)] # seems not to support columns elif config.editor.startswith('nano'): command = ['+%i,%i' % (line + 1, column + 1)] # Windows editors elif config.editor.lower().endswith('notepad++.exe'): command = ['-n%i' % (line + 1)] # seems not to support columns else: command = [] # See T102465 for problems relating to using config.editor unparsed. command = [config.editor] + command + [file_name] pywikibot.log('Running editor: %s' % TextEditor._concat(command)) return command @staticmethod def _concat(command): return ' '.join("'{0}'".format(part) if ' ' in part else part for part in command) @deprecated('_command (should not be used from the outside)', since='20150111') def command(self, tempFilename, text, jumpIndex=None): """Return editor selected in""" return TextEditor._concat(self._command(tempFilename, text, jumpIndex))
[docs] def edit(self, text, jumpIndex=None, highlight=None): """ Call the editor and thus allows the user to change the text. Halts the thread's operation until the editor is closed. @param text: the text to be edited @type text: str @param jumpIndex: position at which to put the caret @type jumpIndex: int @param highlight: each occurrence of this substring will be highlighted @type highlight: str @return: the modified text, or None if the user didn't save the text file in his text editor @rtype: str or None """ if config.editor: handle, tempFilename = tempfile.mkstemp() tempFilename = '%s.%s' % (tempFilename, config.editor_filename_extension) try: with, 'w', encoding=config.editor_encoding) as tempFile: tempFile.write(text) creationDate = os.stat(tempFilename).st_mtime cmd = self._command(tempFilename, text, jumpIndex), shell=platform == 'win32') lastChangeDate = os.stat(tempFilename).st_mtime if lastChangeDate == creationDate: # Nothing changed return None else: with tempFilename, 'r', encoding=config.editor_encoding ) as temp_file: newcontent = return newcontent finally: os.close(handle) os.unlink(tempFilename) if isinstance(gui, ImportError): raise ImportError( 'Could not load GUI modules: %s\nNo editor available.\n' 'Set your favourite editor in "editor", ' 'or install python packages tkinter and idlelib, which ' 'are typically part of Python but may be packaged separately ' 'on your platform.\n' % gui) return pywikibot.ui.editText( text, jumpIndex=jumpIndex, highlight=highlight)