Source code for pywikibot.interwiki_graph

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Module with the Graphviz drawing calls."""
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2006-2018
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import absolute_import, division, unicode_literals

from collections import Counter
import itertools
import threading

    import pydot
except ImportError as e:
    pydot = e

import pywikibot

from pywikibot import config2 as config

# deprecated value
pydotfound = not isinstance(pydot, ImportError)

[docs]class GraphImpossible(Exception): """Drawing a graph is not possible on your system."""
[docs]class GraphSavingThread(threading.Thread): """ Threaded graph renderer. Rendering a graph can take extremely long. We use multithreading because of that. TODO: Find out if several threads running in parallel can slow down the system too much. Consider adding a mechanism to kill a thread if it takes too long. """
[docs] def __init__(self, graph, originPage): """Initializer.""" threading.Thread.__init__(self) self.graph = graph self.originPage = originPage
[docs] def run(self): """Write graphs to the data directory.""" for format in config.interwiki_graph_formats: filename = config.datafilepath( 'interwiki-graphs/' + getFilename(self.originPage, format)) if self.graph.write(filename, prog='dot', format=format): pywikibot.output('Graph saved as %s' % filename) else: pywikibot.output('Graph could not be saved as %s' % filename)
[docs]class Subject(object): """Data about a page with translations on multiple wikis."""
[docs] def __init__(self, origin=None): """Initializer. @param originPage: the page on the 'origin' wiki @type originPage: """ # Remember the "origin page" self._origin = origin # Temporary variable to support git blame; do not use originPage = origin self.found_in = None # foundIn is a dictionary where pages are keys and lists of # pages are values. It stores where we found each page. # As we haven't yet found a page that links to the origin page, we # start with an empty list for it. if originPage: self.foundIn = {self.originPage: []} else: self.foundIn = {}
@property def origin(self): """Page on the origin wiki.""" return self._origin @origin.setter def origin(self, value): self._origin = value @property def originPage(self): """Deprecated property for the origin page. DEPRECATED. Use origin. """ # TODO: deprecate this property return self.origin @originPage.setter def originPage(self, value): self.origin = value @property def foundIn(self): """Mapping of pages to others pages interwiki linked to it. DEPRECATED. Use found_in. """ # TODO: deprecate this property return self.found_in @foundIn.setter def foundIn(self, value): """Temporary property setter to support code migration.""" self.found_in = value
[docs]class GraphDrawer(object): """Graphviz (dot) code creator."""
[docs] def __init__(self, subject): """Initializer. @param subject: page data to graph @type subject: pywikibot.interwiki_graph.Subject @raises GraphImpossible: pydot is not installed """ if isinstance(pydot, ImportError): raise GraphImpossible('pydot is not installed: %s.' % pydot) self.graph = None self.subject = subject
[docs] def getLabel(self, page): """Get label for page.""" return '"%s:%s"' % (, page.title())
def _octagon_site_set(self): """Build a list of sites with more than one valid page.""" page_list = self.subject.found_in.keys() # Only track sites of normal pages each_site = [ for page in page_list if page.exists() and not page.isRedirectPage()] return {x[0] for x in itertools.takewhile( lambda x: x[1] > 1, Counter(each_site).most_common())}
[docs] def addNode(self, page): """Add a node for page.""" node = pydot.Node(self.getLabel(page), shape='rectangle') node.set_URL('"http://%s%s"' % (, node.set_style('filled') node.set_fillcolor('white') node.set_fontsize('11') if not page.exists(): node.set_fillcolor('red') elif page.isRedirectPage(): node.set_fillcolor('blue') elif page.isDisambig(): node.set_fillcolor('orange') if page.namespace() != self.subject.originPage.namespace(): node.set_color('green') node.set_style('filled,bold') if in self.octagon_sites: # mark conflict by octagonal node node.set_shape('octagon') self.graph.add_node(node)
[docs] def addDirectedEdge(self, page, refPage): """Add a directed edge from refPage to page.""" # if page was given as a hint, referrers would be [None] if refPage is not None: sourceLabel = self.getLabel(refPage) targetLabel = self.getLabel(page) edge = pydot.Edge(sourceLabel, targetLabel) oppositeEdge = self.graph.get_edge(targetLabel, sourceLabel) if oppositeEdge: if isinstance(oppositeEdge, list): # bugfix for pydot >= 1.0.3 oppositeEdge = oppositeEdge[0] oppositeEdge.set_dir('both') # workaround for bug 401: prevent duplicate edges # (it is unclear why duplicate edges occur) # elif self.graph.get_edge(sourceLabel, targetLabel): pywikibot.output( 'BUG: Tried to create duplicate edge from %s to %s' % (refPage.title(as_link=True), page.title(as_link=True))) # duplicate edges would be bad because then get_edge() would # give a list of edges, not a single edge when we handle the # opposite edge. else: # add edge if == edge.set_color('blue') elif not page.exists(): # mark dead links edge.set_color('red') elif refPage.isDisambig() != page.isDisambig(): # mark links between disambiguation and non-disambiguation # pages edge.set_color('orange') if refPage.namespace() != page.namespace(): edge.set_color('green') self.graph.add_edge(edge)
[docs] def saveGraphFile(self): """Write graphs to the data directory.""" thread = GraphSavingThread(self.graph, self.subject.originPage) thread.start()
[docs] def createGraph(self): """ Create graph of the interwiki links. For more info see U{} """ pywikibot.output('Preparing graph for %s' % self.subject.originPage.title()) # create empty graph self.graph = pydot.Dot() # self.graph.set('concentrate', 'true') self.octagon_sites = self._octagon_site_set() for page in self.subject.foundIn.keys(): # a node for each found page self.addNode(page) # mark start node by pointing there from a black dot. firstLabel = self.getLabel(self.subject.originPage) self.graph.add_node(pydot.Node('start', shape='point')) self.graph.add_edge(pydot.Edge('start', firstLabel)) for page, referrers in self.subject.foundIn.items(): for refPage in referrers: self.addDirectedEdge(page, refPage) self.saveGraphFile()
[docs]def getFilename(page, extension=None): """ Create a filename that is unique for the page. @param page: page used to create the new filename @type page: @param extension: file extension @type extension: str @return: filename of <family>-<lang>-<page>.<ext> @rtype: str """ filename = '%s-%s-%s' % (,, page.title(as_filename=True)) if extension: filename += '.%s' % extension return filename