Source code for pywikibot.specialbots

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Library containing special bots."""
# (C) Rob W.W. Hooft, Andre Engels 2003-2004
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2003-2020
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import absolute_import, division, unicode_literals

import os
import tempfile

import pywikibot

from pywikibot import config

from import (
    BaseBot, ExistingPageBot, NoRedirectPageBot, AutomaticTWSummaryBot,
    InteractiveReplace, ChoiceException, UnhandledAnswer, AlwaysChoice,
from pywikibot.editor import TextEditor
from pywikibot.textlib import replace_links
from import PY2, deprecated, deprecated_args, UnicodeType
from import color_format

if not PY2:
    from urllib.parse import urlparse
    from urllib.request import URLopener
    from urllib import URLopener
    from urlparse import urlparse

[docs]class UploadRobot(BaseBot): """Upload bot."""
[docs] @deprecated_args(uploadByUrl=None) def __init__(self, url, urlEncoding=None, description='', useFilename=None, keepFilename=False, verifyDescription=True, ignoreWarning=False, targetSite=None, aborts=[], chunk_size=0, summary=None, filename_prefix=None, **kwargs): """ Initializer. @param url: path to url or local file (deprecated), or list of urls or paths to local files. @type url: str (deprecated) or list @param description: Description of file for its page. If multiple files are uploading the same description is used for every file. @type description: str @param useFilename: Specify title of the file's page. If multiple files are uploading it asks to change the name for second, third, etc. files, otherwise the last file will overwrite the other. @type useFilename: str @param keepFilename: Set to True to keep original names of urls and files, otherwise it will ask to enter a name for each file. @type keepFilename: bool @param summary: Summary of the upload @type summary: str @param verifyDescription: Set to True to proofread the description. @type verifyDescription: bool @param ignoreWarning: Set this to True to upload even if another file would be overwritten or another mistake would be risked. Set it to an array of warning codes to selectively ignore specific warnings. @type ignoreWarning: bool or list @param targetSite: Set the site to upload to. If target site is not given it's taken from @type targetSite: object @param aborts: List of the warning types to abort upload on. Set to True to abort on any warning. @type aborts: bool or list @param chunk_size: Upload the file in chunks (more overhead, but restartable) specified in bytes. If no value is specified the file will be uploaded as whole. @type chunk_size: integer @param filename_prefix: Specify prefix for the title of every file's page. @type filename_prefix: str @param always: Disables any input, requires that either ignoreWarning or aborts are set to True and that the description is also set. It overwrites verifyDescription to False and keepFilename to True. @type always: bool @deprecated: Using upload_image() is deprecated, use upload_file() with file_url param instead """ super(UploadRobot, self).__init__(**kwargs) always = self.getOption('always') if (always and ignoreWarning is not True and aborts is not True): raise ValueError('When always is set to True, either ' 'ignoreWarning or aborts must be set to True.') if always and not description: raise ValueError('When always is set to True, the description ' 'must be set.') self.url = url if isinstance(self.url, UnicodeType): pywikibot.warning('url as string is deprecated. ' 'Use an iterable instead.') self.urlEncoding = urlEncoding self.description = description self.useFilename = useFilename self.keepFilename = keepFilename or always self.verifyDescription = verifyDescription and not always self.ignoreWarning = ignoreWarning self.aborts = aborts self.chunk_size = chunk_size self.summary = summary self.filename_prefix = filename_prefix if config.upload_to_commons: self.targetSite = targetSite or pywikibot.Site('commons', 'commons') else: self.targetSite = targetSite or pywikibot.Site() self.targetSite.login()
@deprecated(since='20141211') def urlOK(self): """Return True if self.url is a URL or an existing local file.""" return '://' in self.url or os.path.exists(self.url)
[docs] def read_file_content(self, file_url=None): """Return name of temp file in which remote file is saved.""" if not file_url: file_url = self.url pywikibot.warning('file_url is not given. ' 'Set to self.url by default.') pywikibot.output('Reading file %s' % file_url) resume = False rlen = 0 _contents = None dt = 15 uo = URLopener() retrieved = False while not retrieved: if resume: pywikibot.output('Resume download...') uo.addheader('Range', 'bytes=%s-' % rlen) infile = info = if PY2: content_type = info.getheader('Content-Type') content_len = info.getheader('Content-Length') accept_ranges = info.getheader('Accept-Ranges') else: content_type = info.get('Content-Type') content_len = info.get('Content-Length') accept_ranges = info.get('Accept-Ranges') if 'text/html' in content_type: pywikibot.output("Couldn't download the image: " 'the requested URL was not found on server.') return valid_ranges = accept_ranges == 'bytes' if resume: _contents += else: _contents = infile.close() retrieved = True if content_len: rlen = len(_contents) content_len = int(content_len) if rlen < content_len: retrieved = False pywikibot.output( 'Connection closed at byte %s (%s left)' % (rlen, content_len)) if valid_ranges and rlen > 0: resume = True pywikibot.output('Sleeping for %d seconds...' % dt) pywikibot.sleep(dt) if dt <= 60: dt += 15 elif dt < 360: dt += 60 else: pywikibot.log( 'WARNING: length check of retrieved data not possible.') handle, tempname = tempfile.mkstemp() with os.fdopen(handle, 'wb') as t: t.write(_contents) return tempname
def _handle_warning(self, warning): """ Return whether the warning cause an abort or be ignored. @param warning: The warning name @type warning: str @return: False if this warning should cause an abort, True if it should be ignored or None if this warning has no default handler. @rtype: bool or None """ if self.aborts is not True: if warning in self.aborts: return False if self.ignoreWarning is True or (self.ignoreWarning is not False and warning in self.ignoreWarning): return True return None if self.aborts is not True else False def _handle_warnings(self, warnings): messages = '\n'.join('{0.code}: {}'.format(warning) for warning in sorted(warnings, key=lambda w: w.code)) if len(warnings) > 1: messages = '\n' + messages pywikibot.output('We got the following warning(s): ' + messages) answer = True for warning in warnings: this_answer = self._handle_warning(warning.code) if this_answer is False: answer = False break elif this_answer is None: answer = None if answer is None: answer = pywikibot.input_yn('Do you want to ignore?', default=False, automatic_quit=False) return answer
[docs] def process_filename(self, file_url=None): """Return base filename portion of file_url.""" if not file_url: file_url = self.url pywikibot.warning('file_url is not given. ' 'Set to self.url by default.') always = self.getOption('always') # Isolate the pure name filename = file_url # Filename may be either a URL or a local file path if '://' in filename: # extract the path portion of the URL filename = urlparse(filename).path filename = os.path.basename(filename) if self.useFilename: filename = self.useFilename if self.filename_prefix: filename = self.filename_prefix + filename if not self.keepFilename: pywikibot.output( 'The filename on the target wiki will default to: %s' % filename) assert not always newfn = pywikibot.input( 'Enter a better name, or press enter to accept:') if newfn != '': filename = newfn # FIXME: these 2 belong somewhere else, presumably in family # forbidden characters are handled by pywikibot/ forbidden = ':*?/\\' # to be extended try: allowed_formats = self.targetSite.siteinfo.get( 'fileextensions', get_default=False) except KeyError: allowed_formats = [] else: allowed_formats = [item['ext'] for item in allowed_formats] # ask until it's valid first_check = True while True: if not first_check: if always: filename = None else: filename = pywikibot.input('Enter a better name, or press ' 'enter to skip the file:') if not filename: return None first_check = False ext = os.path.splitext(filename)[1].lower().strip('.') # are any chars in forbidden also in filename? invalid = set(forbidden) & set(filename) if invalid: c = ''.join(invalid) pywikibot.output( 'Invalid character(s): %s. Please try again' % c) continue if allowed_formats and ext not in allowed_formats: if always: pywikibot.output('File format is not one of ' '[{0}]'.format(' '.join(allowed_formats))) continue elif not pywikibot.input_yn( 'File format is not one of [%s], but %s. Continue?' % (' '.join(allowed_formats), ext), default=False, automatic_quit=False): continue potential_file_page = pywikibot.FilePage(self.targetSite, filename) if potential_file_page.exists(): overwrite = self._handle_warning('exists') if overwrite is False: pywikibot.output( 'File exists and you asked to abort. Skipping.') return None if potential_file_page.has_permission(): if overwrite is None: overwrite = not pywikibot.input_yn( 'File with name %s already exists. ' 'Would you like to change the name? ' '(Otherwise file will be overwritten.)' % filename, default=True, automatic_quit=False) if not overwrite: continue else: break else: pywikibot.output('File with name %s already exists and ' 'cannot be overwritten.' % filename) continue else: try: if potential_file_page.fileIsShared(): pywikibot.output( 'File with name %s already exists in shared ' 'repository and cannot be overwritten.' % filename) continue else: break except pywikibot.NoPage: break # A proper description for the submission. # Empty descriptions are not accepted. if self.description: pywikibot.output('The suggested description is:\n%s' % self.description) while not self.description or self.verifyDescription: if not self.description: pywikibot.output(color_format( '{lightred}It is not possible to upload a file ' 'without a description.{default}')) assert not always # if no description, ask if user want to add one or quit, # and loop until one is filled. # if self.verifyDescription, ask if user want to change it # or continue. if self.description: question = 'Do you want to change this description?' else: question = 'No description was given. Add one?' if pywikibot.input_yn(question, default=not self.description, automatic_quit=self.description): from pywikibot import editor as editarticle editor = editarticle.TextEditor() try: newDescription = editor.edit(self.description) except ImportError: raise except Exception as e: pywikibot.error(e) continue # if user saved / didn't press Cancel if newDescription: self.description = newDescription elif not self.description: raise QuitKeyboardInterrupt self.verifyDescription = False return filename
[docs] def abort_on_warn(self, warn_code): """Determine if the warning message should cause an abort.""" if self.aborts is True: return True else: return warn_code in self.aborts
[docs] def ignore_on_warn(self, warn_code): """ Determine if the warning message should be ignored. @param warn_code: The warning message @type warn_code: str """ if self.ignoreWarning is True: return True else: return warn_code in self.ignoreWarning
@deprecated('UploadRobot.upload_file()', since='20141211') @deprecated_args(debug=None) def upload_image(self): """Upload image.""" return self.upload_file(self.url)
[docs] @deprecated_args(debug=None) def upload_file(self, file_url, _file_key=None, _offset=0): """ Upload the image at file_url to the target wiki. @see: U{} Return the filename that was used to upload the image. If the upload fails, ask the user whether to try again or not. If the user chooses not to retry, return None. """ filename = self.process_filename(file_url) if not filename: return None site = self.targetSite imagepage = pywikibot.FilePage(site, filename) # normalizes filename imagepage.text = self.description pywikibot.output('Uploading file to {0}...'.format(site)) ignore_warnings = self.ignoreWarning is True or self._handle_warnings if '://' in file_url and not site.has_right('upload_by_url'): file_url = self.read_file_content(file_url) try: success = imagepage.upload(file_url, ignore_warnings=ignore_warnings, chunk_size=self.chunk_size, _file_key=_file_key, _offset=_offset, comment=self.summary) except as error: if error.code == 'uploaddisabled': pywikibot.error( 'Upload error: Local file uploads are disabled on %s.' % site) else: pywikibot.error('Upload error: ', exc_info=True) except Exception: pywikibot.error('Upload error: ', exc_info=True) else: if success: # No warning, upload complete. pywikibot.output('Upload of %s successful.' % filename) self._save_counter += 1 return filename # data['filename'] else: pywikibot.output('Upload aborted.') return None
[docs] def run(self): """Run bot.""" # early check that upload is enabled if self.targetSite.is_uploaddisabled(): pywikibot.error( 'Upload error: Local file uploads are disabled on %s.' % self.targetSite) return # early check that user has proper rights to upload if not self.targetSite.has_right('upload'): pywikibot.error( "User '%s' does not have upload rights on site %s." % (self.targetSite.user(), self.targetSite)) return try: if isinstance(self.url, UnicodeType): self._treat_counter = 1 return self.upload_file(self.url) for file_url in self.url: self.upload_file(file_url) self._treat_counter += 1 except QuitKeyboardInterrupt: pywikibot.output('\nUser quit %s bot run...' % self.__class__.__name__) except KeyboardInterrupt: if config.verbose_output: raise else: pywikibot.output('\nKeyboardInterrupt during %s bot run...' % self.__class__.__name__) finally: self.exit()
[docs]class EditReplacement(ChoiceException, UnhandledAnswer): """The text should be edited and replacement should be restarted."""
[docs] def __init__(self): """Initializer.""" super(EditReplacement, self).__init__('edit', 'e') self.stop = True
[docs]class BaseUnlinkBot(ExistingPageBot, NoRedirectPageBot, AutomaticTWSummaryBot): """A basic bot unlinking a given link from the current page."""
[docs] def __init__(self, **kwargs): """Redirect all parameters and add namespace as an available option.""" self.availableOptions.update({ 'namespaces': [], # Which namespaces should be processed? # default to [] which means all namespaces will be processed }) super(BaseUnlinkBot, self).__init__(**kwargs)
def _create_callback(self): """Create a new callback instance for replace_links.""" return InteractiveUnlink(self)