Source code for scripts.imagecopy

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Script to copy files from a local Wikimedia wiki to Wikimedia Commons.

It uses CommonsHelper to not leave any information out and CommonSense
to automatically categorise the file. After copying, a NowCommons
template is added to the local wiki's file. It uses a local exclusion
list to skip files with templates not allow on Wikimedia Commons. If no
categories have been found, the file will be tagged on Commons.

This bot uses a graphical interface and may not work from commandline
only environment.

Requests for improvement for CommonsHelper output should be directed to
Magnus Manske at his talk page. Please be very specific in your request
(describe current output and expected output) and note an example file,
so he can test at: [[de:Benutzer Diskussion:Magnus Manske]]. You can
write him in German and English.

Command line options:

-always      Skip the GUI validation

-setcat:     Set the category of the copied image

-delete      Delete the image after the image has been transferred. This will
             only work if the user has sysops privileges, otherwise the image
             will only be marked for deletion.



Work on a single image:

    python imagecopy -page:Image:<imagename>

Work on the 100 newest images:

    python imagecopy -newimages:100

Work on all images in a category:<cat>:

    python imagecopy -cat:<cat>

Work on all images which transclude a template:

    python imagecopy -transcludes:<template>

Work on a single image and deletes the image when the transfer is complete
(only works if the user has sysops privilege, otherwise it will be marked for

    python imagecopy -page:Image:<imagename> -delete

By default the bot works on your home wiki (set in user-config)
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2003-2020
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import absolute_import, division, unicode_literals

import codecs
import re
import threading
import webbrowser

from os import path

from requests.exceptions import RequestException

import pywikibot

from pywikibot import config, i18n, pagegenerators
from pywikibot.comms.http import fetch
from pywikibot.specialbots import UploadRobot
from import remove_last_args

from scripts.image import ImageRobot

    from pywikibot.userinterfaces.gui import Tkdialog, Tkinter
except ImportError as _tk_error:
    Tkinter = _tk_error
    Tkdialog = object

# This is required for the text that is shown when you run this script
# with the parameter -help.
docuReplacements = {
    '&params;': pagegenerators.parameterHelp

nowCommonsTemplate = {
    '_default': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'af': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'als': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'am': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'ang': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'ar': '{{الآن كومنز|%s}}',
    'ast': '{{EnCommons|File:%s}}',
    'az': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'bar': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'bg': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'bn': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'bs': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'ca': '{{AraCommons|%s}}',
    'cs': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'cy': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'da': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'de': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'dsb': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'el': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'en': '{{subst:ncd|%s}}',
    'eo': '{{Nun en komunejo|%s}}',
    'es': '{{EnCommons|File:%s}}',
    'et': '{{NüüdCommonsis|File:%s}}',
    'fa': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'fi': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'fo': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'fr': '{{Image sur Commons|%s}}',
    'fy': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'ga': '{{Ag Cómhaoin|File:%s}}',
    'gl': '{{EnCommons]|File:%s}}',
    'gv': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'he': '{{גם בוויקישיתוף|%s}}',
    'hr': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'hsb': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'hu': '{{Azonnali-commons|%s}}',
    'ia': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'id': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'ilo': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'io': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'is': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'it': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'ja': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'jv': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'ka': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'kn': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'ko': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'ku': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'lb': '{{Elo op Commons|%s}}',
    'li': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'lt': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'lv': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'mk': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'mn': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'ms': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'nds-nl': '{{NoenCommons|File:%s}}',
    'nl': '{{NuCommons|%s}}',
    'nn': '{{No på Commons|File:%s}}',
    'no': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'oc': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'pl': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'pt': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'ro': '{{AcumCommons|File:%s}}',
    'ru': '{{Перенесено на Викисклад|%s}}',
    'sa': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'scn': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'sh': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'sk': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'sl': '{{OdslejZbirka|%s}}',
    'sq': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'sr': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'st': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'su': '{{IlaharKiwari|File:%s}}',
    'sv': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'sw': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'ta': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'th': '{{มีที่คอมมอนส์|File:%s}}',
    'tl': '{{NasaCommons|File:%s}}',
    'tr': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'uk': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'ur': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'vec': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'vi': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'vo': '{{InKobädikos|%s}}',
    'wa': '{{NowCommons|%s}}',
    'zh': '{{NowCommons|File:%s}}',
    'zh-min-nan': '{{Commons ū|%s}}',
    'zh-yue': '{{subst:Ncd|File:%s}}',

moveToCommonsTemplate = {
    'ar': ['نقل إلى كومنز'],
    'en': ['Commons ok', 'Copy to Wikimedia Commons', 'Move to commons',
           'Movetocommons', 'To commons',
           'Copy to Wikimedia Commons by BotMultichill'],
    'fi': ['Commonsiin'],
    'fr': ['Image pour Commons'],
    'hsb': ['Kopěruj do Wikimedia Commons'],
    'hu': ['Commonsba'],
    'is': ['Færa á Commons'],
    'ms': ['Hantar ke Wikimedia Commons'],
    'nl': ['Verplaats naar Wikimedia Commons', 'VNC'],
    'pl': ['Do Commons', 'NaCommons', 'Na Commons'],
    'ru': ['На Викисклад'],
    'sl': ['Skopiraj v Zbirko'],
    'sr': ['За оставу', 'Пребацити на оставу'],
    'sv': ['Till Commons'],
    'zh': ['Copy to Wikimedia Commons'],

[docs]def pageTextPost(url, parameters): """ Get data from commons helper page. @param url: This parameter is not used here, we keep it here to avoid user scripts from breaking. @param parameters: Data that will be submitted to CommonsHelper. @type parameters: dict @return: A CommonHelper description message. @rtype: str """ gotInfo = False while not gotInfo: try: commonsHelperPage = fetch( '', method='POST', data=parameters) data ='utf-8') gotInfo = True except RequestException: pywikibot.output("Got a RequestException, let's try again") return data
[docs]class imageTransfer(threading.Thread): """Facilitate transfer of image/file to commons."""
[docs] def __init__(self, imagePage, newname, category, delete_after_done=False): """Initializer.""" self.imagePage = imagePage self.image_repo = self.newname = newname self.category = category self.delete_after_done = delete_after_done threading.Thread.__init__(self)
[docs] def run(self): """Run the bot.""" tosend = {'language':'utf-8'), 'image': self.imagePage.title( with_ns=False).encode('utf-8'), 'newname': self.newname.encode('utf-8'), 'project':'utf-8'), 'username': '', 'commonsense': '1', 'remove_categories': '1', 'ignorewarnings': '1', 'doit': 'Uitvoeren' } pywikibot.output(tosend) CH = pageTextPost('', tosend) pywikibot.output('Got CH desc.') tablock = CH.split('<textarea ')[1].split('>')[0] CH = CH.split('<textarea ' + tablock + '>')[1].split('</textarea>')[0] CH = CH.replace('&times;', '×') CH = self.fixAuthor(CH) pywikibot.output(CH) # I want every picture to be tagged with the bottemplate so i can check # my contributions later. CH = ('\n\n{{BotMoveToCommons|%s.%s|year={{subst:CURRENTYEAR}}' '|month={{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}}|day={{subst:CURRENTDAY}}}}' % (, + CH) if self.category: CH = CH.replace( '{{subst:Unc}} <!-- Remove this line once you have ' 'added categories -->', '') CH += '[[Category:' + self.category + ']]' bot = UploadRobot(url=self.imagePage.fileUrl(), description=CH, use_filename=self.newname, keep_filename=True, verify_description=False, ignore_warning=True, target_site=self.image_repo) # Should check if the image actually was uploaded if pywikibot.Page(self.image_repo, 'Image:' + self.newname).exists(): # Get a fresh copy, force to get the page so we don't run into edit # conflicts imtxt = self.imagePage.get(force=True) # Remove the move to commons templates if in moveToCommonsTemplate: for moveTemplate in moveToCommonsTemplate[]: imtxt = re.sub(r'(?i)\{\{' + moveTemplate + r'[^\}]*\}\}', '', imtxt) # add {{NowCommons}} if in nowCommonsTemplate: addTemplate = nowCommonsTemplate[] % self.newname else: addTemplate = nowCommonsTemplate['_default'] % self.newname commentText = i18n.twtranslate(, 'commons-file-now-available', {'localfile': self.imagePage.title(with_ns=False), 'commonsfile': self.newname}) pywikibot.showDiff(self.imagePage.get(), imtxt + addTemplate) self.imagePage.put(imtxt + addTemplate, comment=commentText) self.gen = pagegenerators.FileLinksGenerator(self.imagePage) self.preloadingGen = pagegenerators.PreloadingGenerator(self.gen) moveSummary = i18n.twtranslate(, 'commons-file-moved', {'localfile': self.imagePage.title(with_ns=False), 'commonsfile': self.newname}) # If the image is uploaded under a different name, replace all # instances if self.imagePage.title(with_ns=False) != self.newname: imagebot = ImageRobot( generator=self.preloadingGen, oldImage=self.imagePage.title(with_ns=False), newImage=self.newname, summary=moveSummary, always=True, loose=True) # If the user want to delete the page and # the user has sysops privilege, delete the page, otherwise # it will be marked for deletion. if self.delete_after_done: self.imagePage.delete(moveSummary, False) return
[docs] def fixAuthor(self, pageText): """Fix the author field in the information template.""" informationRegex = re.compile( r'\|Author=Original uploader was ' r'(?P<author>\[\[:\w+:\w+:\w+\|\w+\]\] at \[.+\])') selfRegex = re.compile( r'{{self\|author=' r'(?P<author>\[\[:\w+:\w+:\w+\|\w+\]\] at \[.+\])\|') # Find the |Author=Original uploader was .... informationMatch = # Find the {{self|author= selfMatch = # Check if both are found and are equal if (informationMatch and selfMatch): if'author') =='author'): # Replace |Author=Original uploader was ... with |Author= ... pageText = informationRegex.sub(r'|Author=\g<author>', pageText) return pageText
[docs]def load_global_archivo(): """Load/create Uploadbot.localskips.txt and save the path in `archivo`.""" global archivo archivo = config.datafilepath('Uploadbot.localskips.txt') if not path.exists(archivo): with open(archivo, 'w') as tocreate: tocreate.write('{{NowCommons')
[docs]def getautoskip(): """Get a list of templates to skip.""" with, 'r', 'utf-8') as f: txt = toreturn = txt.split('{{')[1:] return toreturn
[docs]class TkdialogIC(Tkdialog): """The dialog window for image info."""
[docs] @remove_last_args(('commonsconflict',)) def __init__(self, image_title, content, uploader, url, templates): """Initializer.""" # Check if `Tkinter` wasn't imported if isinstance(Tkinter, ImportError): raise Tkinter super(TkdialogIC, self).__init__() self.root = Tkinter.Tk() # "%dx%d%+d%+d" % (width, height, xoffset, yoffset) # Always appear the same size and in the bottom-left corner self.root.geometry('600x200+100-100') self.root.title(image_title) self.changename = '' self.skip = 0 self.url = url self.uploader = 'Unknown' # uploader.decode('utf-8') scrollbar = Tkinter.Scrollbar(self.root, orient=Tkinter.VERTICAL) label = Tkinter.Label(self.root, text='Enter new name or leave blank.') imageinfo = Tkinter.Label(self.root, text='Uploaded by {}.'.format( uploader)) textarea = Tkinter.Text(self.root) textarea.insert(Tkinter.END, content.encode('utf-8')) textarea.config(state=Tkinter.DISABLED, height=8, width=40, padx=0, pady=0, wrap=Tkinter.WORD, yscrollcommand=scrollbar.set) scrollbar.config(command=textarea.yview) self.entry = Tkinter.Entry(self.root) self.templatelist = Tkinter.Listbox(self.root, bg='white', height=5) for template in templates: self.templatelist.insert(Tkinter.END, template) autoskip_button = Tkinter.Button(self.root, text='Add to AutoSkip', command=self.add2_auto_skip) browser_button = Tkinter.Button(self.root, text='View in browser', command=self.open_in_browser) skip_button = Tkinter.Button(self.root, text='Skip', command=self.skip_file) ok_button = Tkinter.Button(self.root, text='OK', command=self.ok_file) # Start grid label.grid(row=0) ok_button.grid(row=0, column=1, rowspan=2) skip_button.grid(row=0, column=2, rowspan=2) browser_button.grid(row=0, column=3, rowspan=2) self.entry.grid(row=1) textarea.grid(row=2, column=1, columnspan=3) scrollbar.grid(row=2, column=5) self.templatelist.grid(row=2, column=0) autoskip_button.grid(row=3, column=0) imageinfo.grid(row=3, column=1, columnspan=4)
[docs] def ok_file(self): """The user pressed the OK button.""" self.changename = self.entry.get() self.root.destroy()
[docs] def getnewname(self): """ Activate dialog. @return: new name and if the image is skipped @rtype: tuple """ self.root.mainloop() return (self.changename, self.skip)
[docs] def open_in_browser(self): """The user pressed the View in browser button."""
[docs] def add2_auto_skip(self): """The user pressed the Add to AutoSkip button.""" templateid = int(self.templatelist.curselection()[0]) template = self.templatelist.get(templateid) with, 'a', 'utf-8') as f: f.write('{{' + template) self.skip_file()
[docs]def doiskip(pagetext): """Skip this image or not. Returns True if the image is on the skip list, otherwise False """ saltos = getautoskip() # print saltos for salto in saltos: rex = r'\{\{\s*[' + salto[0].upper() + salto[0].lower() + r']' + \ salto[1:] + r'(\}\}|\|)' # print rex if, pagetext): return True return False
[docs]def main(*args): """Process command line arguments and invoke bot.""" always = False category = '' delete_after_done = False # Load a lot of default generators local_args = pywikibot.handle_args(args) genFactory = pagegenerators.GeneratorFactory() for arg in local_args: if arg == '-always': always = True elif arg.startswith('-setcat:'): category = arg[len('-setcat:'):] elif arg == '-delete': delete_after_done = True else: genFactory.handleArg(arg) pregenerator = genFactory.getCombinedGenerator(preload=True) if not pregenerator: return load_global_archivo() for page in pregenerator: if not page.exists() or page.namespace() != 6 or page.isRedirectPage(): continue imagepage = pywikibot.FilePage(, page.title()) # First do autoskip. if doiskip(imagepage.get()): pywikibot.output('Skipping ' + page.title()) continue # The first upload is last in the list. try: username = imagepage.latest_file_info.user except NotImplementedError: # No API, using the page file instead (datetime, username, resolution, size, comment) = imagepage.get_file_history().pop() skip = False if always: newname = imagepage.title(with_ns=False) CommonsPage = pywikibot.Page(pywikibot.Site('commons', 'commons'), 'File:' + newname) if CommonsPage.exists(): continue else: while True: # Do TkdialogIC to accept/reject and change the name newname, skip = TkdialogIC( imagepage.title(with_ns=False), imagepage.get(), username, imagepage.permalink(with_protocol=True), imagepage.templates()).getnewname() if skip: pywikibot.output('Skipping this image') break # Did we enter a new name? if not newname: # Take the old name newname = imagepage.title(with_ns=False) else: newname = newname.decode('utf-8') # Check if the image already exists CommonsPage = pywikibot.Page(, 'File:' + newname) if not CommonsPage.exists(): break pywikibot.output( 'Image already exists, pick another name or ' 'skip this image') # We don't overwrite images, pick another name, go to # the start of the loop if not skip: imageTransfer(imagepage, newname, category, delete_after_done).start() pywikibot.output('Still ' + str(threading.activeCount()) + ' active threads, lets wait') for openthread in threading.enumerate(): if openthread != threading.currentThread(): openthread.join() pywikibot.output('All threads are done')
if __name__ == '__main__': main()