Source code for scripts.standardize_interwiki

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Loop over all pages in the home wiki, standardizing the interwiki links.


-start:     - Set from what page you want to start
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2003-2019
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import absolute_import, division, unicode_literals

import pywikibot

from pywikibot import i18n, textlib

[docs]def main(*args): """Process command line arguments and run the script.""" start = '!' # Load the default parameters and start for arg in pywikibot.handle_args(): if arg.startswith('-start'): if len(arg) == 6: start = pywikibot.input('From what page do you want to start?') else: start = arg[7:] site = pywikibot.Site() comm = i18n.twtranslate(site, 'standardize_interwiki-comment') for pl in site.allpages(start): plname = pl.title() pywikibot.output('\nLoading {0}...'.format(plname)) try: oldtext = pl.get() except pywikibot.IsRedirectPage: pywikibot.output('{0} is a redirect!'.format(plname)) continue old = pl.interwiki() new = {} for pl2 in old: new[] = pywikibot.Page(pl2) newtext = textlib.replaceLanguageLinks(oldtext, new, site=site) if new: if oldtext != newtext: pywikibot.showDiff(oldtext, newtext) # Submit changes try: pl.put(newtext, comment=comm) except pywikibot.LockedPage: pywikibot.output('{0} is locked'.format(plname)) continue else: pywikibot.output('No changes needed.') continue else: pywikibot.output('No interwiki found.') continue
if __name__ == '__main__': main()