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"""XML reading module.

Each XmlEntry object represents a page, as read from an XML source

The XmlDump class reads a pages_current XML dump (like the ones offered on and offers a generator over
XmlEntry objects which can be used by other bots.

.. versionchanged:: 7.7
   *defusedxml* is used in favour of *xml.etree* if present to prevent
   vulnerable XML attacks. *defusedxml* 0.7.1 or higher is recommended.
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2005-2024
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import annotations

import re
from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import NamedTuple
from xml.etree.ElementTree import Element

    from defusedxml.ElementTree import ParseError, iterparse
except ImportError:
    from xml.etree.ElementTree import iterparse, ParseError

from pywikibot.backports import Callable, Iterator
from import (

[docs] @dataclass class XmlEntry: """Represent a page.""" # TODO: there are more tags we can read. title: str ns: str id: str text: str username: str ipedit: bool timestamp: str editRestriction: str # noqa: N815 moveRestriction: str # noqa: N815 revisionid: str comment: str isredirect: bool
[docs] class Headers(NamedTuple): """Represent the common info of a page. .. versionadded:: 9.0 """ title: str ns: str pageid: str isredirect: bool edit_restriction: str move_restriction: str
[docs] class RawRev(NamedTuple): """Represent a raw revision. .. versionadded:: 9.0 """ headers: Headers revision: Element revid: int
[docs] class XmlDump: """Represents an XML dump file. Reads the local file at initialization, parses it, and offers access to the resulting XmlEntries via a generator. .. versionadded:: 7.2 the `on_error` parameter .. versionchanged:: 7.2 `allrevisions` parameter must be given as keyword parameter .. versionchanged:: 9.0 `allrevisions` parameter is deprecated due to :phab:`T340804`, `revisions` parameter was introduced as replacement. `root` attribute was removed. Usage example: >>> from pywikibot import xmlreader >>> name = 'tests/data/xml/article-pear.xml' >>> dump = xmlreader.XmlDump(name, revisions='all') >>> for elem in dump.parse(): ... print(elem.title, elem.revisionid) ... ... Pear 185185 Pear 185241 Pear 185408 Pear 188924 >>> :param allrevisions: boolean If True, parse all revisions instead of only the latest one. Default: False. :param on_error: a callable which is invoked within :meth:`parse` method when a ParseError occurs. The exception is passed to this callable. Otherwise the exception is raised. :param revisions: which of four methods to use to parse the dump: * `first_found` (whichever revision is the first element) * `latest` (most recent revision, by largest `revisionid`) * `earliest` (first revision, by smallest `revisionid`) * `all` (all revisions for each page) Default: `first_found` """ def __init__( self, filename, *, allrevisions: bool | str = None, # when allrevisions removed, revisions can default to 'latest' revisions: str = 'first_found', on_error: Callable[[ParseError], None] | None = None, ) -> None: """Initializer.""" self.filename = filename self.on_error = on_error self.rev_actions = { 'first_found': self._parse_only_first_found, 'latest': self._parse_only_latest, 'earliest': self._parse_only_earliest, 'all': self._parse_all, } if allrevisions: issue_deprecation_warning( 'allrevisions=True', "revisions='all'", since='9.0.0') revisions = 'all' elif revisions == 'first_found': issue_deprecation_warning( 'allrevisions=False returns first revision found,' " usually earliest. For most recent, use revisions='latest'. " "For oldest, use revisions='earliest'," "'allrevisions'", since='9.0.0') if revisions not in self.rev_actions: actions = str(list(self.rev_actions.keys())).strip('[]') raise ValueError(f"'revisions' must be one of {actions}.") self._parse = self.rev_actions[revisions] self.uri = None
[docs] def parse(self) -> Iterator[XmlEntry]: """Generator using ElementTree iterparse function. .. versionchanged:: 7.2 if a ParseError occurs it can be handled by the callable given with `on_error` parameter of this instance. """ with open_archive(self.filename) as source: context = iterparse(source, events=('start', 'end', 'start-ns')) root = None while True: try: event, elem = next(context) except StopIteration: return except ParseError as e: if self.on_error: self.on_error(e) continue raise if event == 'start-ns' and elem[0] == '': self.uri = f'{{{elem[1]}}}' continue # get the root element if event == 'start' and root is None: root = elem if not (event == 'end' and elem.tag == f'{self.uri}page'): continue yield from self._parse(elem) # clear references in the root, to allow garbage collection. elem.clear() root.clear()
def _parse_only_first_found(self, elem: Element) -> Iterator[XmlEntry]: """Parser that yields the first revision found. .. versionadded:: 9.0 """ raw_revs = self._fetch_revs(elem) try: raw_rev = next(raw_revs) yield self._create_revision(raw_rev.headers, raw_rev.revision) except StopIteration: return def _parse_only_latest(self, elem: Element) -> Iterator[XmlEntry]: """Parser that yields only the latest revision.""" raw_revs = self._fetch_revs(elem, with_id=True) raw_rev = max(raw_revs, default=None, key=lambda rev: rev.revid) if raw_rev is not None: yield self._create_revision(raw_rev.headers, raw_rev.revision) def _parse_only_earliest(self, elem: Element) -> Iterator[XmlEntry]: """Parser that yields only the earliest revision. .. versionadded:: 9.0 """ raw_revs = self._fetch_revs(elem, with_id=True) raw_rev = min(raw_revs, default=None, key=lambda rev: rev.revid) if raw_rev is not None: yield self._create_revision(raw_rev.headers, raw_rev.revision) def _parse_all(self, elem: Element) -> Iterator[XmlEntry]: """Parser that yields all revisions.""" raw_revs = self._fetch_revs(elem) for raw_rev in raw_revs: yield self._create_revision(raw_rev.headers, raw_rev.revision) def _fetch_revs(self, elem: Element, with_id=False) -> Iterator[RawRev]: """Yield all revisions in a page. .. versionadded:: 9.0 """ uri = self.uri headers = self._headers(elem) for revision in elem.findall(f'{uri}revision'): if with_id: revid = int(revision.findtext(f'{uri}id')) else: revid = 0 yield RawRev(headers, revision, revid)
[docs] @staticmethod def parse_restrictions(restrictions: str) -> tuple[str | None, str | None]: """ Parse the characters within a restrictions tag. Returns strings representing user groups allowed to edit and to move a page, where None means there are no restrictions. .. versionadded:: 9.0 replaces deprecated ``parseRestrictions`` function. """ if not restrictions: return None, None edit_restriction, move_restriction = None, None edit_lock_match ='edit=([^:]*)', restrictions) if edit_lock_match: edit_restriction = edit_lock_match[1] move_lock_match ='move=([^:]*)', restrictions) if move_lock_match: move_restriction = move_lock_match[1] if restrictions == 'sysop': edit_restriction = 'sysop' move_restriction = 'sysop' return edit_restriction, move_restriction
def _headers(self, elem: Element) -> Headers: """Extract headers from XML chunk.""" uri = self.uri edit_restriction, move_restriction = self.parse_restrictions( elem.findtext(f'{uri}restrictions') ) headers = Headers( title=elem.findtext(f'{uri}title'), ns=elem.findtext(f'{uri}ns'), pageid=elem.findtext(f'{uri}id'), isredirect=elem.findtext(f'{uri}redirect') is not None, edit_restriction=edit_restriction, move_restriction=move_restriction, ) return headers def _create_revision( self, headers: Headers, revision: Element ) -> XmlEntry: """Create a Single revision.""" uri = self.uri contributor = revision.find(f'{uri}contributor') ip_editor = contributor.findtext(f'{uri}ip') username = ip_editor or contributor.findtext(f'{uri}username') username = username or '' # username might be deleted xml_entry = XmlEntry( title=headers.title, ns=headers.ns, id=headers.pageid, editRestriction=headers.edit_restriction, moveRestriction=headers.move_restriction, isredirect=headers.isredirect, text=revision.findtext(f'{uri}text'), username=username, ipedit=bool(ip_editor), timestamp=revision.findtext(f'{uri}timestamp'), revisionid=revision.findtext(f'{uri}id'), comment=revision.findtext(f'{uri}comment'), # could get comment, minor as well ) return xml_entry
wrapper = ModuleDeprecationWrapper(__name__) wrapper.add_deprecated_attr( 'parseRestrictions', XmlDump.parse_restrictions, replacement_name='pywikibot.xmlreader.XmlDump.parseRestrictions', since='9.0.0')