tests.generate_family_file_tests module#

Test generate_family_file script.

class tests.generate_family_file_tests.FamilyTestGenerator(url=None, name=None, dointerwiki=None, verify=None)[source]#

Bases: FamilyFileGenerator

Family file test creator.

Parameters are optional. If not given the script asks for the values.

  • url (Optional[str]) – an url from where the family settings are loaded

  • name (Optional[str]) – the family name without “_family.py” tail.

  • dointerwiki (Optional[str]) – Predefined answer to add multiple site codes. Pass Y or y for yes N or n for no and E or e if you want to edit the collection of sites.

  • verify (Optional[str]) – If a certificate verification failes, you may pass Y or y to disable certificate validaton N or n to keep it enabled.


Only load up to additional ten different wikis randomly.


Pass writing.

class tests.generate_family_file_tests.TestGenerateFamilyFiles(*args, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: CheckHostnameMixin, DefaultSiteTestCase

Test generate_family_file functionality.

abstract_class = False#
code = 'test'#
family = 'wikipedia'#
familyname = 'testgff'#
net = True#

Set up tests.

classmethod setUpClass()[source]#

Set up tests class.

site = True#
sites = {'wikipedia:test': {'code': 'test', 'family': 'wikipedia'}}#

Test FamilyFileGenerator attributes after run().


Test initial FamilyFileGenerator attributes.