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"""Objects with site methods independent of the communication interface."""
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2008-2024
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import annotations

import functools
import inspect
import re
import threading
from warnings import warn

import pywikibot
from pywikibot.backports import Pattern
from pywikibot.exceptions import (
from import Namespace, NamespacesDict
from pywikibot.throttle import Throttle
from import (

[docs] class BaseSite(ComparableMixin): """Site methods that are independent of the communication interface.""" def __init__(self, code: str, fam=None, user=None) -> None: """ Initializer. :param code: the site's language code :type code: str :param fam: wiki family name (optional) :type fam: str or :param user: bot user name (optional) :type user: str """ if code.lower() != code: # Note the Site function in __init__ also emits a UserWarning # for this condition, showing the callers file and line no. pywikibot.log(f'BaseSite: code "{code}" converted to lowercase') code = code.lower() if not all(x in for x in code): pywikibot.log( f'BaseSite: code "{code}" contains invalid characters') self.__code = code if isinstance(fam, str) or fam is None: self.__family = else: self.__family = fam self.obsolete = False # if we got an outdated language code, use the new one instead. if self.__code in self.__family.obsolete: if self.__family.obsolete[self.__code] is not None: self.__code = self.__family.obsolete[self.__code] # Note the Site function in __init__ emits a UserWarning # for this condition, showing the callers file and line no. pywikibot.log( f'Site {self} instantiated using aliases code of {code}') else: # no such language anymore self.obsolete = True pywikibot.log('Site {} instantiated and marked "obsolete" ' 'to prevent access'.format(self)) elif self.__code not in self.languages(): if in self.__family.langs \ and len(self.__family.langs) == 1: self.__code = if self.__family == \ and code == pywikibot.config.mylang: pywikibot.config.mylang = self.__code warn('Global configuration variable "mylang" changed to ' '"{}" while instantiating site {}' .format(self.__code, self), UserWarning) else: error_msg = ("Language '{}' does not exist in family {}" .format(self.__code, raise UnknownSiteError(error_msg) self._username = normalize_username(user) # following are for use with lock_page and unlock_page methods self._pagemutex = threading.Condition() self._locked_pages: set[str] = set() @property @deprecated(since='8.5.0') def use_hard_category_redirects(self): """Hard redirects are used for this site. Originally create as property for future use for a proposal to replace category redirect templates with hard redirects. This was never implemented and is not used inside the framework. .. deprecated:: 8.5 """ return False @property @cached def throttle(self): """Return this Site's throttle. Initialize a new one if needed.""" return Throttle(self) @property def family(self): """The Family object for this Site's wiki family.""" return self.__family @property def code(self): """ The identifying code for this Site equal to the wiki prefix. By convention, this is usually an ISO language code, but it does not have to be. """ return self.__code @property def lang(self): """The ISO language code for this Site. Presumed to be equal to the site code, but this can be overridden. """ return self.__code @property @cached def doc_subpage(self) -> tuple: """Return the documentation subpage for this Site.""" try: doc, codes ='_default', ((), [])) if self.code not in codes: try: doc =[self.code] # Language not defined in doc_subpages in file # It will use default for the family. # should it just raise an Exception and fail? # this will help to check the dictionary ... except KeyError: warn('Site {} has no language defined in ' 'doc_subpages dict in {} file' .format(self,, FamilyMaintenanceWarning, 2) # doc_subpages not defined in file except AttributeError: doc = () # default warn('Site {} has no doc_subpages dict in {} file' .format(self,, FamilyMaintenanceWarning, 2) return doc def _cmpkey(self): """Perform equality and inequality tests on Site objects.""" return (, self.code) def __getstate__(self): """Remove Lock based classes before pickling.""" new = self.__dict__.copy() del new['_pagemutex'] if '_throttle' in new: del new['_throttle'] # site cache contains exception information, which can't be pickled if '_iw_sites' in new: del new['_iw_sites'] return new def __setstate__(self, attrs) -> None: """Restore things removed in __getstate__.""" self.__dict__.update(attrs) self._pagemutex = threading.Condition()
[docs] def user(self) -> str | None: """Return the currently-logged in bot username, or None.""" if self.logged_in(): return self.username() return None
[docs] def username(self) -> str | None: """Return the username used for the site.""" return self._username
def __getattr__(self, name: str): """Delegate undefined methods calls to the Family object. .. versionchanged:: 9.0 Only delegate to public Family methods which have ``code`` as first parameter. """ if not name.startswith('_'): obj = getattr(, name, None) if inspect.ismethod(obj): params = inspect.signature(obj).parameters if params: parameter = next(iter(params)) if parameter == 'code': method = functools.partial(obj, self.code) if hasattr(obj, '__doc__'): method.__doc__ = obj.__doc__ return method raise AttributeError(f'{type(self).__name__} instance has no ' f'attribute {name!r}') from None def __str__(self) -> str: """Return string representing this Site's name and code.""" return + ':' + self.code @property def sitename(self): """String representing this Site's name and code.""" return self.__str__() def __repr__(self) -> str: """Return internal representation.""" return f'{self.__class__.__name__}("{self.code}", "{}")' def __hash__(self): """Return hash value of instance.""" return hash(repr(self))
[docs] def languages(self): """Return list of all valid language codes for this site's Family.""" return list(
def _interwiki_urls(self, only_article_suffixes: bool = False): base_path = self.path() if not only_article_suffixes: yield base_path + '{}' yield base_path + '/{}' yield base_path + '?title={}' yield self.articlepath @staticmethod def _build_namespaces(): """Create default namespaces.""" return Namespace.builtin_namespaces() @property @cached def namespaces(self): """Return dict of valid namespaces on this wiki.""" return NamespacesDict(self._build_namespaces())
[docs] def ns_normalize(self, value: str): """Return canonical local form of namespace name. :param value: A namespace name """ index = self.namespaces.lookup_name(value) return self.namespace(index)
[docs] def redirect(self) -> str: """Return a default redirect tag for the site. .. versionchanged:: 8.4 return a single generic redirect tag instead of a list of tags. For the list use :meth:`redirects` instead. """ return self.redirects()[0]
[docs] def redirects(self) -> list[str]: """Return list of generic redirect tags for the site. .. seealso:: :meth:`redirect` for the default redirect tag. .. versionadded:: 8.4 """ return ['REDIRECT']
[docs] def pagenamecodes(self) -> list[str]: """Return list of localized PAGENAME tags for the site.""" return ['PAGENAME']
[docs] def pagename2codes(self) -> list[str]: """Return list of localized PAGENAMEE tags for the site.""" return ['PAGENAMEE']
[docs] def lock_page(self, page, block: bool = True): """ Lock page for writing. Must be called before writing any page. We don't want different threads trying to write to the same page at the same time, even to different sections. :param page: the page to be locked :type page: pywikibot.Page :param block: if true, wait until the page is available to be locked; otherwise, raise an exception if page can't be locked """ title = page.title(with_section=False) with self._pagemutex: while title in self._locked_pages: if not block: raise PageInUseError(title) self._pagemutex.wait() self._locked_pages.add(title)
[docs] def unlock_page(self, page) -> None: """ Unlock page. Call as soon as a write operation has completed. :param page: the page to be locked :type page: pywikibot.Page """ with self._pagemutex: self._locked_pages.discard(page.title(with_section=False)) self._pagemutex.notify_all()
[docs] def disambcategory(self): """Return Category in which disambig pages are listed.""" if self.has_data_repository: repo = self.data_repository() repo_name = try: item =[repo.code] except KeyError: raise Error( 'No {repo} qualifier found for disambiguation category ' 'name in {fam}_family file'.format(repo=repo_name, dp = pywikibot.ItemPage(repo, item) try: name = dp.getSitelink(self) except NoPageError: raise Error(f'No disambiguation category name found in {repo} ' f'for {self}') else: # fallback for non WM sites try: name = (f'{Namespace.CATEGORY}:' f'{[self.code]}') except KeyError: raise Error(f'No disambiguation category name found in ' f'{}_family for {self}') return pywikibot.Category(pywikibot.Link(name, self))
@property def redirect_regex(self) -> Pattern[str]: """Return a compiled regular expression matching on redirect pages. Group 1 in the regex match object will be the target title. A redirect starts with hash (#), followed by a keyword, then arbitrary stuff, then a wikilink. The wikilink may contain a label, although this is not useful. .. versionadded:: 8.4 moved from class:`APISite<>` """ tags = '|'.join(self.redirects()) return re.compile(fr'\s*#(?:{tags})\s*:?\s*\[\[(.+?)(?:\|.*?)?\]\]', re.IGNORECASE | re.DOTALL)
[docs] def sametitle(self, title1: str, title2: str) -> bool: """ Return True if title1 and title2 identify the same wiki page. title1 and title2 may be unequal but still identify the same page, if they use different aliases for the same namespace. """ def ns_split(title): """Separate the namespace from the name.""" ns, delim, name = title.partition(':') if delim: ns = self.namespaces.lookup_name(ns) if not delim or not ns: return default_ns, title return ns, name # Replace alias characters like underscores with title # delimiters like spaces and multiple combinations of them with # only one delimiter sep =[0] pattern = re.compile(f'[{}]+') title1 = pattern.sub(sep, title1) title2 = pattern.sub(sep, title2) if title1 == title2: return True default_ns = self.namespaces[0] # determine whether titles contain namespace prefixes ns1_obj, name1 = ns_split(title1) ns2_obj, name2 = ns_split(title2) if ns1_obj != ns2_obj: # pages in different namespaces return False name1 = name1.strip() name2 = name2.strip() # If the namespace has a case definition it's overriding the site's # case definition if == 'first-letter': name1 = first_upper(name1) name2 = first_upper(name2) return name1 == name2
# site-specific formatting preferences
[docs] def category_on_one_line(self): # TODO: is this even needed? No family in the framework uses it. """Return True if this site wants all category links on one line.""" return self.code in
[docs] def interwiki_putfirst(self): """Return list of language codes for ordering of interwiki links.""" return
[docs] def getSite(self, code): # noqa: N802 """Return Site object for language 'code' in this Family.""" return pywikibot.Site(code=code,, user=self.user())