Source code for tests.interwiki_graph_tests

#!/usr/bin/env python3
"""Test Interwiki Graph functionality."""
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2015-2022
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import annotations

import unittest
from contextlib import suppress

from pywikibot import interwiki_graph
from tests.aspects import SiteAttributeTestCase, require_modules
from tests.utils import DryPage

[docs] @require_modules('pydot') class TestWiktionaryGraph(SiteAttributeTestCase): """Tests for interwiki links to local sites.""" sites = { 'enwikt': { 'family': 'wiktionary', 'code': 'en', }, 'frwikt': { 'family': 'wiktionary', 'code': 'fr', }, 'plwikt': { 'family': 'wiktionary', 'code': 'pl', }, } dry = True
[docs] @classmethod def setUpClass(cls): """Setup test class.""" super().setUpClass() cls.pages = { 'en': DryPage(cls.enwikt, 'origin'), 'en2': DryPage(cls.enwikt, 'origin2'), 'fr': DryPage(cls.frwikt, 'origin'), 'pl': DryPage(cls.plwikt, 'origin'), }
[docs] def setUp(self): """Setup interwiki_graph data.""" super().setUp() data = interwiki_graph.Subject(self.pages['en']) data.found_in[self.pages['en']] = [self.pages['fr'], self.pages['pl']] data.found_in[self.pages['fr']] = [self.pages['en'], self.pages['pl']] data.found_in[self.pages['pl']] = [self.pages['en'], self.pages['fr']] = data
[docs] def test_simple_graph(self): """Test that GraphDrawer.createGraph does not raise exception.""" drawer = interwiki_graph.GraphDrawer( drawer.createGraph()
[docs] def test_octagon(self): """Test octagon nodes."""[self.pages['en2']] = [self.pages['fr']] drawer = interwiki_graph.GraphDrawer( self.assertEqual({self.pages['en'].site}, drawer._octagon_site_set()) drawer.createGraph() nodes = drawer.graph.obj_dict['nodes'] for node, shape in [('"pl:origin"', 'rectangle'), ('"fr:origin"', 'rectangle'), ('"en:origin"', 'octagon')]: with self.subTest(node=node): self.assertEqual( nodes[node][0]['attributes']['shape'], shape)
if __name__ == '__main__': with suppress(SystemExit): unittest.main()