Source code for tests.pwb_tests

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2007-2023
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import annotations

import io
import sys
import unittest

from tests import create_path_func, join_tests_path
from tests.aspects import PwbTestCase
from tests.utils import execute, execute_pwb

join_pwb_tests_path = create_path_func(join_tests_path, 'pwb')

[docs] class TestPwb(PwbTestCase): """Test functionality. This is registered as a Site test because it will not run without a user config file. .. note:: ``site`` must be explicitly set for pwb tests. This test does not require network access, because tests/pwb/ does not use handle_args, etc. so doesn't talk on the network. """ site = False net = False def _do_check(self, name): package_name = 'tests.pwb.' + name script_path = join_pwb_tests_path(name + '.py') direct = execute([sys.executable, '-m', package_name]) vpwb = execute_pwb([script_path]) self.maxDiff = None self.assertEqual(direct['stdout'], vpwb['stdout']) return (direct, vpwb)
[docs] def test_env(self): """ Test external environment of pywikibot. Make sure the environment is not contaminated, and is the same as the environment we get when directly running a script. """ self._do_check('print_env')
[docs] def test_locals(self): """ Test internal environment of pywikibot. Make sure the environment is not contaminated, and is the same as the environment we get when directly running a script. """ self._do_check('print_locals')
[docs] def test_unicode(self): """Test printing unicode in pywikibot.""" (direct, vpwb) = self._do_check('print_unicode') self.assertEqual('Häuser', direct['stdout'].strip()) self.assertEqual('Häuser', direct['stderr'].strip()) self.assertEqual('Häuser', vpwb['stdout'].strip()) self.assertEqual('Häuser', vpwb['stderr'].strip())
[docs] def test_argv(self): """Test argv of pywikibot. Make sure that argv passed to the script is not contaminated by global options given to wrapper. """ script_name = 'print_argv' script_path = join_pwb_tests_path(script_name + '.py') script_opts = ['-help'] command = [script_path] + script_opts without_global_args = execute_pwb(command) with_no_global_args = execute_pwb(['-maxlag:5'] + command) self.assertEqual(without_global_args['stdout'], with_no_global_args['stdout']) self.assertEqual(without_global_args['stdout'].rstrip(), str([script_name] + script_opts))
[docs] def test_script_found(self): """Test script call which is found.""" stdout = io.StringIO(execute_pwb(['pwb'])['stdout']) self.assertEqual(stdout.readline().strip(), 'Wrapper script to invoke pywikibot-based scripts.')
[docs] def test_script_not_found(self): """Test script call which is not found.""" stderr = io.StringIO(execute_pwb(['pywikibot'])['stderr']) self.assertEqual(stderr.readline().strip(), 'ERROR: not found! Misspelling?')
[docs] def test_one_similar_script(self): """Test script call which gives one similar result.""" result = [ 'ERROR: not found! Misspelling?', 'NOTE: Starting the most similar script', 'in 5.0 seconds; type CTRL-C to stop.', ] stream = execute_pwb(['hello'], data_in=chr(3), timeout=10) stderr = io.StringIO(stream['stderr']) with self.subTest(line=0): self.assertEqual(stderr.readline().strip(), result[0]) with self.subTest(line=1): text = stderr.readline().strip() self.assertTrue( text.startswith(result[1]), msg=f'"{text}" does not start with "{result[1]}"') with self.subTest(line=2): self.assertEqual(stderr.readline().strip(), result[2])
[docs] def test_similar_scripts_found(self): """Test script call which gives multiple similar results.""" result = [ 'ERROR: not found! Misspelling?', '', 'The most similar scripts are:', '1 - interwikidata', '2 - interwiki', '3 - illustrate_wikidata', ] stderr = io.StringIO( execute_pwb(['inter_wikidata'], data_in='q')['stderr']) for line in result: with self.subTest(line=line): self.assertEqual(stderr.readline().strip(), line) remaining = stderr.readlines() self.assertLength(remaining, 3) # always 3 lines remaining after list
if __name__ == '__main__': unittest.main(verbosity=10)