Source code for tests.script_tests

#!/usr/bin/env python3
"""Test that each script can be compiled and executed."""
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2014-2024
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import annotations

import os
import sys
import unittest
from contextlib import suppress
from importlib import import_module

from import has_module
from tests import join_root_path, unittest_print
from tests.aspects import DefaultSiteTestCase, MetaTestCaseClass, PwbTestCase
from tests.utils import execute_pwb

ci_test_run = os.environ.get('PYWIKIBOT_TEST_RUNNING', '0') == '1'
scripts_path = join_root_path('scripts')

# login scritpt should be the first to test
framework_scripts = ['login', 'shell']

# These dependencies are not always the package name which is in
# Here, the name given to the module which will be imported is required.
script_deps = {
    'create_isbn_edition': ['isbnlib', 'unidecode'],
    'weblinkchecker': ['memento_client'],

[docs] def check_script_deps(script_name): """Detect whether all dependencies are installed.""" if script_name in script_deps: for package_name in script_deps[script_name]: if not has_module(package_name): unittest_print(f'{script_name} depends on {package_name},' " which isn't available") return False return True
failed_dep_script_set = {name for name in script_deps if not check_script_deps(name)} # scripts which cannot be tested unrunnable_script_set = set()
[docs] def list_scripts(path, exclude=None): """Return list of scripts in given path.""" scripts = [name[0:-3] for name in os.listdir(path) # strip '.py' if name.endswith('.py') and not name.startswith('_') # skip and _* and name != exclude] return scripts
script_list = framework_scripts + list_scripts(scripts_path) script_input = { 'create_isbn_edition': '\n', 'category_redirect': 'q\nn\n', 'interwiki': 'Test page that should not exist\n', 'misspelling': 'q\n', 'pagefromfile': 'q\n', 'replace': 'foo\nbar\n\n\n', # match, replacement, # Enter to begin, Enter for default summary. 'shell': '\n', # exits on end of stdin 'solve_disambiguation': 'Test page\nq\n', 'unusedfiles': 'q\n', 'upload': '' '8/80/Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg\n\n\n', } #: auto_run_script_set = { 'archivebot', 'blockpageschecker', 'category_redirect', 'checkimages', 'clean_sandbox', 'create_isbn_edition', 'delinker', 'login', 'misspelling', 'noreferences', 'nowcommons', 'parser_function_count', 'patrol', 'revertbot', 'shell', 'unusedfiles', 'upload', 'watchlist', 'welcome', } # Expected result for no arguments # Some of these are not pretty, but at least they are informative # and not backtraces starting deep in the pywikibot package. no_args_expected_results = { 'archivebot': 'No template was specified, using default', # TODO: until done here, remember to set editor = None in 'change_pagelang': 'No -setlang parameter given', 'checkimages': 'Execution time: 0 seconds', 'dataextend': 'No item page specified', 'harvest_template': 'ERROR: Please specify', # script_input['interwiki'] above lists a title that should not exist 'interwiki': 'does not exist. Skipping.', 'login': 'Logged in on ', 'pagefromfile': 'Please enter the file name', 'parser_function_count': 'Hold on, this will need some time.', 'replace': 'Press Enter to use this automatic message', 'replicate_wiki': 'error: the following arguments are required: destination', 'shell': ('>>> ', 'Welcome to the'), 'speedy_delete': "does not have 'delete' right for site", 'transferbot': 'Target site not different from source site', 'unusedfiles': ('Working on', None), 'version': 'Pywikibot: [', 'watchlist': 'Retrieving watchlist', # The following auto-run and typically can't be validated, # however these strings are very likely to exist within # the timeout of 5 seconds. 'revertbot': 'Fetching new batch of contributions', 'upload': 'ERROR: Upload error', } # skip test if result is unexpected in this way skip_on_results = { 'speedy_delete': 'No user is logged in on site' # T301555 }
[docs] def collector(loader=unittest.loader.defaultTestLoader): """Load the default tests. .. note:: Raising SkipTest during load_tests will cause the loader to fallback to its own discover() ordering of unit tests. """ if unrunnable_script_set: # pragma: no cover unittest_print('Skipping execution of unrunnable scripts:\n {!r}' .format(unrunnable_script_set)) test_pattern = 'tests.script_tests.TestScript{}.test_{}' tests = ['_login'] + [name for name in sorted(script_list) if name != 'login' and name not in unrunnable_script_set] test_list = [test_pattern.format('Help', name) for name in tests] tests = [name for name in tests if name not in failed_dep_script_set] test_list += [test_pattern.format('Simulate', name) for name in tests] tests = [name for name in tests if name not in auto_run_script_set] test_list += [test_pattern.format('Generator', name) for name in tests] suite = unittest.TestSuite() suite.addTests(loader.loadTestsFromNames(test_list)) return suite
[docs] def load_tests(loader=unittest.loader.defaultTestLoader, tests=None, pattern=None): """Load the default modules.""" return collector(loader)
[docs] def import_script(script_name: str): """Import script for coverage only (T305795).""" if not ci_test_run: return # pragma: no cover prefix = 'scripts.' if script_name in framework_scripts: prefix = 'pywikibot.' + prefix import_module(prefix + script_name)
[docs] class ScriptTestMeta(MetaTestCaseClass): """Test meta class.""" def __new__(cls, name, bases, dct): """Create the new class.""" def test_execution(script_name, args=None): if args is None: args = [] is_autorun = ('-help' not in args and script_name in auto_run_script_set) def test_script(self): global_args_msg = \ 'For global options use -help:global or run pwb' global_args = ['-pwb_close_matches:1'] cmd = global_args + [script_name] + args data_in = script_input.get(script_name) if isinstance(self._timeout, bool): do_timeout = self._timeout else: do_timeout = script_name in self._timeout timeout = 10 if do_timeout else None stdout, error = None, None if self._results: if isinstance(self._results, dict): error = self._results.get(script_name) else: error = self._results if isinstance(error, tuple): stdout, error = error test_overrides = {} if not hasattr(self, 'net') or not test_overrides['pywikibot.Site'] = 'lambda *a, **k: None' # run the script result = execute_pwb(cmd, data_in=data_in, timeout=timeout, overrides=test_overrides) err_result = result['stderr'] out_result = result['stdout'] stderr_other = err_result.splitlines() if result['exit_code'] == -9: unittest_print(' killed', end=' ') skip_result = self._skip_results.get(script_name) if skip_result and skip_result in err_result: self.skipTest(skip_result) if error: self.assertIn(error, err_result) exit_codes = [0, 1, 2, -9] elif not is_autorun: if not stderr_other: self.assertIn(global_args_msg, out_result) else: self.assertIn('Use -help for further information.', stderr_other) self.assertNotIn('-help', args) exit_codes = [0] else: # auto-run # returncode is 1 if the process is killed exit_codes = [0, 1, -9] if not out_result and not err_result: unittest_print(' auto-run script unresponsive after ' '{} seconds'.format(timeout), end=' ') elif 'SIMULATION: edit action blocked' in err_result: unittest_print(' auto-run script simulated edit ' 'blocked', end=' ') else: unittest_print( ' auto-run script stderr within {} seconds: {!r}' .format(timeout, err_result), end=' ') unittest_print(f" exit code: {result['exit_code']}", end=' ') self.assertNotIn('Traceback (most recent call last)', err_result) self.assertNotIn('deprecated', err_result.lower()) # If stdout doesn't include global help.. if global_args_msg not in out_result: # Specifically look for deprecated self.assertNotIn('deprecated', out_result.lower()) # But also complain if there is any stdout if stdout is not None and out_result: self.assertIn(stdout, out_result) else: self.assertIsEmpty(out_result) self.assertIn(result['exit_code'], exit_codes) sys.stdout.flush() return test_script arguments = dct['_arguments'] for script_name in script_list: import_script(script_name) # force login to be the first, alphabetically, so the login # message does not unexpectedly occur during execution of # another script. # unrunnable script tests are disabled by default in load_tests() if script_name == 'login': test_name = 'test__login' else: test_name = 'test_' + script_name cls.add_method(dct, test_name, test_execution(script_name, arguments.split()), f'Test running {script_name} {arguments}.') if script_name in dct['_expected_failures']: dct[test_name] = unittest.expectedFailure(dct[test_name]) elif script_name in dct['_allowed_failures']: dct[test_name] = unittest.skip( f'{script_name} is in _allowed_failures set' )(dct[test_name]) elif script_name in failed_dep_script_set \ and arguments == '-simulate': dct[test_name] = unittest.skip( f'{script_name} has dependencies; skipping' )(dct[test_name]) # Disable test by default in pytest if script_name in unrunnable_script_set: # flag them as an expectedFailure due to py.test (T135594) dct[test_name] = unittest.expectedFailure(dct[test_name]) dct[test_name].__test__ = False return super().__new__(cls, name, bases, dct)
[docs] class TestScriptHelp(PwbTestCase, metaclass=ScriptTestMeta): """Test cases for running scripts with -help. All scripts should not create a Site for -help, so net = False. """ net = False # Here come scripts requiring and missing dependencies, that haven't been # fixed to output -help in that case. _expected_failures = {'version'} _allowed_failures = set() _arguments = '-help' _results = None _skip_results = {} _timeout = False
[docs] class TestScriptSimulate(DefaultSiteTestCase, PwbTestCase, metaclass=ScriptTestMeta): """Test cases for running scripts with -simulate. This class sets the 'user' attribute on every test, thereby ensuring that the test runner has a username for the default site, and so that Site.login() is called in the test runner, which means that the scripts run in pwb can automatically login using the saved cookies. """ login = True _expected_failures = { 'catall', # stdout user interaction 'checkimages', 'revertbot', 'transwikiimport', } _allowed_failures = { 'blockpageschecker', # not localized for some test sites 'category_redirect', 'clean_sandbox', 'delinker', 'disambredir', 'misspelling', # T94681 'noreferences', 'nowcommons', 'patrol', 'shell', 'unusedfiles', # not localized for default sites 'upload', # raises custom ValueError 'watchlist', # not logged in } _arguments = '-simulate' _results = no_args_expected_results _skip_results = skip_on_results _timeout = auto_run_script_set
[docs] class TestScriptGenerator(DefaultSiteTestCase, PwbTestCase, metaclass=ScriptTestMeta): """Test cases for running scripts with a generator.""" login = True _expected_failures = { 'add_text', 'archivebot', 'blockpageschecker', 'category', 'category_graph', 'category_redirect', 'change_pagelang', 'checkimages', 'claimit', 'clean_sandbox', 'commonscat', 'create_isbn_edition', 'dataextend', 'data_ingestion', 'delete', 'delinker', 'djvutext', 'download_dump', 'harvest_template', 'image', # Foobar has no valid extension 'imagetransfer', 'interwiki', 'listpages', 'login', 'misspelling', 'movepages', 'pagefromfile', 'parser_function_count', 'patrol', 'protect', 'redirect', 'reflinks', # 404-links.txt is required 'replicate_wiki', 'revertbot', 'shell', 'solve_disambiguation', 'speedy_delete', 'template', 'templatecount', 'transferbot', 'transwikiimport', 'unusedfiles', 'upload', 'watchlist', 'weblinkchecker', 'welcome', } _allowed_failures = { 'basic', 'newitem', 'nowcommons', } _arguments = '-simulate -page:Foobar -always -site:wikipedia:en' _results = ("Working on 'Foobar'", 'Script terminated successfully') _skip_results = {} _timeout = True
if __name__ == '__main__': with suppress(SystemExit): unittest.main()