Get the code

Clone the repository with the following command:

git clone


For testing scap deployments, we have created a vagrant development environment called scap-vagrant

Code Review

The scap team uses Wikimedia’s GitLab for code review. To contribute to this project you will need a Wikimedia GitLab account, see the guide on for setup instructions


To run unit tests, lint, coverage and update documentation, simply run scripts/check without any arguments. For this to work you must have shellcheck, pytest, flake8, and sphinx-build installed.

If you have Docker installed and you want to run tests without having to install prerequisite packages on your system, you can run make test to run tests inside a properly-provisioned container.

Git pre-commit hook

There is an example pre-commit hook that can run tox -e flake8 and tox -e doc before allowing a commit to proceed.

 1 #!/bin/bash
 2 # example pre-commit hook for git which runs `flake8` and `tox -e doc`
 3 # before each commit, aborting the commit if there is a lint error.
 6 if ! lint=$(tox -e flake8 2>&1); then
 7     echo "$lint"
 8     exit 1
 9 fi
11 # Remove the remaining code if you don't want to rebuild docs on each commit
12 if ! tox=$(tox -e doc 2>&1); then
13     echo "$tox"
14     exit 1
15 fi

This can help you catch problems earlier, before preparing to submit a change for review. If you would like to install this hook in your repository, simply copy the into your .git/hooks folder and make it executable.

Specifically, run the following from the root of your scap repository:

cp docs/dev/ .git/hooks/pre-commit
chmod +x .git/hooks/pre-commit