Cookbook CLI

Spicerack Cookbook Runner

usage: cookbook [-h] [-l] [-c CONFIG_FILE] [-d] [-v] [--no-locks]
                [COOKBOOK] ...

Positional Arguments


Either the name of the Python module to execute (sre.hosts.downtime) or the relative path of the Python file to execute (sre/hosts/ If the selected path/module is a directory (sre.hosts) or is not set, an interactive menu will be shown. Each directory listed in the cookbooks_base_dirs key of theconfiguration file represents a checked out cookbook repository containing a cookbooks subfolder. All paths specified must be relative to theses subfolders.


Collect all the remaining arguments to be passed to the cookbook or menu to execute.

Named Arguments

-l, --list

List all available cookbooks, if -v/--verbose is set print also their description. If a COOKBOOK is also specified, it will be used as a prefix filter.

-c, --config-file

Path to the Spicerack configuration file to load.

-d, --dry-run

Set the DRY-RUN mode, also for the cookbook.

-v, --verbose

Verbose output, also for the cookbook.


Do not acquire or check distributed locks on etcd. To be used only if there are issues with etcd.

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