Source code for spicerack.prometheus

"""Prometheus module."""

import logging

from typing import Dict, List, Optional, Union

import requests

from spicerack.constants import ALL_DATACENTERS
from spicerack.exceptions import SpicerackError

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)  # pylint: disable=invalid-name

[docs]class PrometheusError(SpicerackError): """Custom exception class for errors of this module."""
[docs]class Prometheus: """Class to interact with the Prometheus server.""" _prometheus_api = 'http://prometheus.svc.{site}.wmnet/ops/api/v1/query'
[docs] def query(self, query: str, site: str, *, timeout: Optional[Union[float, int]] = 10) -> List[Dict]: """Preform a generic query. Arguments: query (str): a prometheus query site (str): The site to use for queries. Must be one of :py:const:`spicerack.constants.ALL_DATACENTERS` timeout (float, int, None, optional): How many seconds to wait for the prometheus to send data before giving up, as a float or int. Alternatively None to indicate an infinite timeout. Returns: list: returns an empty list if there are no results otherwise return a list of results of the form: {'metric': {}, 'value': [$timestamp, $value]} Raises: spicerack.prometheus.PrometheusError: on error """ if site not in ALL_DATACENTERS: msg = 'site ({site}) must be one of spicerack.constants.ALL_DATACENTERS {dcs}'.format( site=site, dcs=ALL_DATACENTERS) raise PrometheusError(msg) url = self._prometheus_api.format(site=site) response = requests.get(url, params={'query': query}, timeout=timeout) if response.status_code !=['ok']: msg = 'Unable to get metric: HTTP {code}: {text}'.format( code=response.status_code, text=response.text) raise PrometheusError(msg) result = response.json() if result.get('status', 'error') == 'error': msg = 'Unable to get metric: {error}'.format(error=result.get('error', 'unknown')) raise PrometheusError(msg) return result['data']['result']