Code style

This project uses the Python automatic code formatter black in conjunction with isort and the tests will enforce that all the Python files are formatted according to the defined style.

In order to automatically format the code while developing, it's possible to integrate black either with the editor/IDE of choice or directly into the git workflow:

  • For the editor/IDE integration see the black's related page and the isort's related one.

  • For the git workflow integration, that can be done either at commit time or at review time. To do so create either a pre-commit or a pre-review executable hook file inside the .git/hooks/ directory of the project with the following content:

    tox -e py3-format

    The pre-commit hook will be executed at every commit, while the pre-review one when running git review.

  • If not looking for an automated integration, it's always possible to just manually format the code running:

    tox -e py3-format

Git blame

In order to have a cleaner git blame, it might be useful to exclude some specific commits were just cosmetic changes were made from the history. To do that use:

git blame --ignore-revs-file .git-blame-ignore-revs <file>

Running tests

The tox utility, a wrapper around virtualenv, is used to run the tests. To list the default environments that will be executed when running tox without parameters, run:

tox -lv

To list all the available environments:

tox -av

To run one specific environment only:

tox -e py39-flake8

It's possible to pass extra arguments to the underlying environment:

# Run only tests in a specific file:
tox -e py39-unit -- -k

# Run only one specific test:
tox -e py38-unit -- -k test_spicerack_netbox