IPMI module.


replace with pyghmi.

exception spicerack.ipmi.IpmiCheckError[source]

Bases: spicerack.exceptions.SpicerackCheckError

Custom exception class for check errors of the Ipmi class.

exception spicerack.ipmi.IpmiError[source]

Bases: spicerack.exceptions.SpicerackError

Custom exception class for errors of the Ipmi class.

class spicerack.ipmi.Ipmi(mgmt_fqdn: str, password: str, dry_run: bool = True)[source]

Bases: object

Class to manage remote IPMI via ipmitool.

Initialize the instance.

  • mgmt_fqdn (str) -- the management console FQDN to target.

  • password (str) -- the password to use to connect via IPMI.

  • dry_run (bool, optional) -- whether this is a DRY-RUN.

check_bootparams() None[source]

Check if the BIOS boot parameters are back to normal values.


spicerack.ipmi.IpmiCheckError -- if the BIOS boot parameters are incorrect.

check_connection() None[source]

Ensure that remote IPMI is working for the management console FQDN.


spicerack.ipmi.IpmiError -- if unable to connect or execute a test command.

command(command_parts: List[str], is_safe: bool = False) str[source]

Run an ipmitool command for a remote management console FQDN.

  • command_parts (list) -- a list of str with the IPMI command components to execute.

  • is_safe (bool, optional) -- if this is a safe command to run also in DRY RUN mode.


the output of the ipmitool command.

Return type



spicerack.ipmi.IpmiError -- on failure.

force_pxe() None[source]

Force PXE for the next boot and verify that the setting was applied.


spicerack.ipmi.IpmiCheckError -- if unable to verify the PXE mode within the retries.

power_status() str[source]

Get the current power status for the management console FQDN.


spicerack.ipmi.IpmiError -- if unable to get the power status.

reboot() None[source]

Reboot a host via IPMI, either performing a power cycle or a power on based on the power status.

reset_password(username: str, password: str) None[source]

Reset the given usernames password to the one provided.

  • username (str) -- The username who's password will be reset must not be empty

  • password (str) -- The new password, length between spicerack.ipmi.IPMI_PASSWORD_MIN_LEN and spicerack.ipmi.IPMI_PASSWORD_MAX_LEN bytes


spicerack.ipmi.IpmiError -- if unable reset password or arguments invalid