Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
Wikidata Query RDF Testing Tools Tools for testing the rest of the project.
Shared code Wikidata Query Service is the Wikimedia implementation of SPARQL server, based on Blazegraph engine, to service queries for Wikidata and other data sets.
Blazegraph extension to improve performance for Wikibase Code that integrates into Blazegraph and implements custom functions, services and mappings for WDQS data types.
Blazegraph Service Package Package for running Blazegraph service.
Wikidata Query RDF Tools Tools to sync Wikibase to RDF stores. Also contains overall integration tests that rely on everything else.
rdf-spark-tools Tools to manipulate wikibase RDF dumps using spark.
Wikibase RDF Query Service Service to host Wikidata RDF Query Service.