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GrowthExperiments Frontend Documentation

This site provides documentation to showcase the Vue components used in building the frontend for GrowthExperiments features.

It can also serve for creating UI prototypes using Vue 3 and Wikimedia's Codex library.

To learn how to contribute to this documentation please see the repository's file.


Complex components

These are Vue and Codex demos of GrowthExperiments interfaces.

Low-level components

These are demos for components used for building the Complex components demos above. These are candidates to be eventually upstreamed to Codex or re-used by other teams.

Importing components into MediaWiki

Due to MediaWiki's ResourceLoader constraints on ES modules usage and the limited support for Vue SFCs in MediaWiki (see Use_Single-file_components) it's not possible to document the existing GrowthExperiments components with VitePress. Therefore the existing components under:

  • /modules/vue-components
  • /modules/ext.growthExperiments.MentorDashboard
  • /modules/ext.growthExperiments.Homepage.NewImpact

can't be directly imported into the docs project. Alternatives to solve this problem are being considered in Phab T328125.