MediaWiki Wikibase extension
Wikibase\Client\DataAccess Namespace Reference

Accessing Repo data from a Client. More...


 Client data access implementations of MediaWiki's Parser functions
 Client integration with the Scribunto extension.


class  ClientSiteLinkTitleLookup
 A lookup that resolves a specific sitelink on a specific Item into a MediaWiki Title object. More...
class  DataAccessSnakFormatterFactory
 A factory for SnakFormatters in a client context, to be reused in different methods that "access repository data" from a client (typically parser functions and Lua scripts). More...
class  PropertyIdResolver
 Resolves the NumericPropertyId for the input, which might be a property label or prefixed id. More...
class  ReferenceFormatterFactory
 A factory for ReferenceFormatters. More...
class  SnaksFinder
 Find Snaks for claims in a given Entity, based on NumericPropertyId. More...
class  StatementTransclusionInteractor
 Renders the main Snaks associated with a given Property on an Entity. More...

Detailed Description

Accessing Repo data from a Client.