The default configuration file for homer is expected to be found at /etc/homer/config.yaml. Its path can be changed in the CLI via the command-line switch -c/--config PATH. A commented example configuration is available in the source code at doc/examples/config.yaml and included here below:

  # Base path of public configuration.
  public: /path/to/public-config-and-templates-root
  # [optional] Base path of private configuration.
  private: /path/to/private-config-and-templates-root
  # Base path for the output files generated on the 'generate' action. The directory will be cleaned from all '*.out' files.
  output: /path/where/to/generate/output/files

The example file is also shipped, depending on the installation method, to:

  • $VENV_PATH/share/doc/homer/examples/config.yaml when installed in a Python virtualenv via pip.

  • /usr/local/share/doc/homer/examples/config.yaml when installed globally via pip.

  • /usr/share/doc/homer/examples/config.yaml when installed via the Debian package.