MediaWiki  1.23.2
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1 <?php
32  protected function getMessageKey() {
33  $key = parent::getMessageKey();
34  $params = $this->getMessageParameters();
35  if ( isset( $params[5] ) && $params[5] ) {
36  $key .= '-auto';
37  }
39  return $key;
40  }
42  protected function getMessageParameters() {
43  $params = parent::getMessageParameters();
45  $target = $this->entry->getTarget();
46  $oldid = $params[3];
47  $revision = $this->context->getLanguage()->formatNum( $oldid, true );
49  if ( $this->plaintext ) {
50  $revlink = $revision;
51  } elseif ( $target->exists() ) {
52  $query = array(
53  'oldid' => $oldid,
54  'diff' => 'prev'
55  );
56  $revlink = Linker::link( $target, htmlspecialchars( $revision ), array(), $query );
57  } else {
58  $revlink = htmlspecialchars( $revision );
59  }
61  $params[3] = Message::rawParam( $revlink );
63  return $params;
64  }
65 }
skin txt MediaWiki includes four core it has been set as the default in MediaWiki since the replacing Monobook it had been been the default skin since before being replaced by Vector largely rewritten in while keeping its appearance Several legacy skins were removed in the as the burden of supporting them became too heavy to bear Those in etc for skin dependent CSS etc for skin dependent JavaScript These can also be customised on a per user by etc This feature has led to a wide variety of user styles becoming that gallery is a good place to ending in php
Definition: skin.txt:62
Returns a key to be used for formatting the action sentence.
Definition: PatrolLogFormatter.php:32
Definition: styleTest.css.php:40
This class formats patrol log entries.
Definition: PatrolLogFormatter.php:31
static link( $target, $html=null, $customAttribs=array(), $query=array(), $options=array())
This function returns an HTML link to the given target.
Definition: Linker.php:192
the array() calling protocol came about after MediaWiki 1.4rc1.
List of Api Query prop modules.
Formats parameters intented for action message from array of all parameters.
Definition: PatrolLogFormatter.php:42
Implements the default log formatting.
Definition: LogFormatter.php:33
return true to allow those checks to and false if checking is done use this to change the tables headers temp or archived zone change it to an object instance and return false override the list derivative used the name of the old file when set the default code will be skipped add a value to it if you want to add a cookie that have to vary cache options can modify $query
Definition: hooks.txt:1105