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MockSvgHandler Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 doTransform ( $image, $dstPath, $dstUrl, $params, $flags=0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SvgHandler
 canAnimateThumb ( $file)
 We do not support making animated svg thumbnails. More...
 formatMetadata ( $file)
 getAvailableLanguages (File $file)
 Which languages (systemLanguage attribute) is supported. More...
 getCommonMetaArray (File $file)
 Get an array of standard (FormatMetadata type) metadata values. More...
 getDefaultRenderLanguage (File $file)
 What language to render file in if none selected. More...
 getImageSize ( $file, $path, $metadata=false)
 getLongDesc ( $file)
 Subtitle for the image. More...
 getMetadata ( $file, $filename)
 getMetadataType ( $image)
 Get a string describing the type of metadata, for display purposes. More...
 getParamMap ()
 Get an associative array mapping magic word IDs to parameter names. More...
 getScriptParams ( $params)
 getThumbType ( $ext, $mime, $params=null)
 Get the thumbnail extension and MIME type for a given source MIME type. More...
 isAnimatedImage ( $file)
 isEnabled ()
 False if the handler is disabled for all files. More...
 isMetadataValid ( $image, $metadata)
 Check if the metadata string is valid for this handler. More...
 isVectorized ( $file)
 The material is vectorized and thus scaling is lossless. More...
 makeParamString ( $params)
 mustRender ( $file)
 True if handled types cannot be displayed directly in a browser but can be rendered. More...
 normaliseParams ( $image, &$params)
 parseParamString ( $str)
 Parse a param string made with makeParamString back into an array. More...
 rasterize ( $srcPath, $dstPath, $width, $height, $lang=false)
 Transform an SVG file to PNG This function can be called outside of thumbnail contexts. More...
 unpackMetadata ( $metadata)
 validateParam ( $name, $value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ImageHandler
 canRender ( $file)
 getDimensionsString ( $file)
 getImageArea ( $image)
 Function that returns the number of pixels to be thumbnailed. More...
 getImageSize ( $image, $path)
 Get an image size array like that returned by getimagesize(), or false if it can't be determined. More...
 getScriptedTransform ( $image, $script, $params)
 getShortDesc ( $file)
 validateThumbParams (&$width, &$height, $srcWidth, $srcHeight, $mimeType)
 Validate thumbnail parameters and fill in the correct height. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MediaHandler
 canAnimateThumbnail ( $file)
 If the material is animated, we can animate the thumbnail. More...
 convertMetadataVersion ( $metadata, $version=1)
 Convert metadata version. More...
 filterThumbnailPurgeList (&$files, $options)
 Remove files from the purge list. More...
 formatMetadataHelper ( $metadataArray)
 sorts the visible/invisible field. More...
 getEntireText (File $file)
 Get the text of the entire document. More...
 getLength ( $file)
 If its an audio file, return the length of the file. More...
 getPageDimensions ( $image, $page)
 Get an associative array of page dimensions Currently "width" and "height" are understood, but this might be expanded in the future. More...
 getPageText ( $image, $page)
 Generic getter for text layer. More...
 getRotation ( $file)
 On supporting image formats, try to read out the low-level orientation of the file and return the angle that the file needs to be rotated to be viewed. More...
 getStreamHeaders ( $metadata)
 Get useful response headers for GET/HEAD requests for a file with the given metadata. More...
 getTransform ( $image, $dstPath, $dstUrl, $params)
 Get a MediaTransformOutput object representing the transformed output. More...
 isMultiPage ( $file)
 True if the type has multi-page capabilities. More...
 pageCount ( $file)
 Page count for a multi-page document, false if unsupported or unknown. More...
 parserTransformHook ( $parser, $file)
 Modify the parser object post-transform. More...
 removeBadFile ( $dstPath, $retval=0)
 Check for zero-sized thumbnails. More...
 verifyUpload ( $fileName)
 File validation hook called on upload. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SvgHandler
static rasterizeImagickExt ( $srcPath, $dstPath, $width, $height)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MediaHandler
static canRotate ()
static fitBoxWidth ( $boxWidth, $boxHeight, $maxHeight)
 Calculate the largest thumbnail width for a given original file size such that the thumbnail's height is at most $maxHeight. More...
static getGeneralLongDesc ( $file)
 Used instead of getShortDesc if there is no handler registered for file. More...
static getGeneralShortDesc ( $file)
 Long description. More...
static getHandler ( $type)
 Get a MediaHandler for a given MIME type from the instance cache. More...
static getMetadataVersion ()
 Get metadata version. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from SvgHandler
- Public Attributes inherited from MediaHandler
const MAX_ERR_LOG_SIZE = 65535
 Max length of error logged by logErrorForExternalProcess() More...
const METADATA_BAD = false
const METADATA_GOOD = true
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SvgHandler
 visibleMetadataFields ()
 Get a list of metadata items which should be displayed when the metadata table is collapsed. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MediaHandler
 logErrorForExternalProcess ( $retval, $err, $cmd)
 Log an error that occurred in an external process. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from MediaHandler
static addMeta (&$array, $visibility, $type, $id, $value, $param=false)
 This is used to generate an array element for each metadata value That array is then used to generate the table of metadata values on the image page. More...
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from MediaHandler
static $handlers = array()

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

◆ doTransform()

MockSvgHandler::doTransform (   $image,
  $flags = 0 

Reimplemented from SvgHandler.

Definition at line 25 of file MockSvgHandler.php.

References $flags, $params, and MockImageHandler\doFakeTransform().

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