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MonoBookTemplate Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 cactions ()
 Prints the cactions bar. More...
 customBox ( $bar, $cont)
 execute ()
 Template filter callback for MonoBook skin. More...
 languageBox ()
 searchBox ()
 toolbox ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseTemplate
 getFooterIcons ( $option=null)
 Returns an array of footer icons filtered down by options relevant to how the skin wishes to display them. More...
 getFooterLinks ( $option=null)
 Returns an array of footerlinks trimmed down to only those footer links that are valid. More...
 getMsg ( $name)
 Get a Message object with its context set. More...
 getPersonalTools ()
 Create an array of personal tools items from the data in the quicktemplate stored by SkinTemplate. More...
 getSidebar ( $options=array())
 getToolbox ()
 Create an array of common toolbox items from the data in the quicktemplate stored by SkinTemplate. More...
 makeLink ( $key, $item, $options=array())
 Makes a link, usually used by makeListItem to generate a link for an item in a list used in navigation lists, portlets, portals, sidebars, etc... More...
 makeListItem ( $key, $item, $options=array())
 Generates a list item for a navigation, portlet, portal, sidebar... More...
 makeSearchButton ( $mode, $attrs=array())
 makeSearchInput ( $attrs=array())
 msg ( $str)
 msgHtml ( $str)
 msgWiki ( $str)
 An ugly, ugly hack. More...
 printTrail ()
 Output the basic end-page trail including bottomscripts, reporttime, and debug stuff. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from QuickTemplate
 __construct ()
 Constructor. More...
 get ( $name, $default=null)
 Gets the template data requested. More...
 getHTML ()
 Fetch the output of a QuickTemplate and return it. More...
 getSkin ()
 Get the Skin object related to this object. More...
 haveData ( $str)
 haveMsg ( $str)
 html ( $str)
 set ( $name, $value)
 Sets the value $value to $name. More...
 setRef ( $name, &$value)
 setTranslator (&$t)
 text ( $str)

Public Attributes

 $validFooterIcons = $this->getFooterIcons( "icononly" )
 $validFooterLinks = $this->getFooterLinks( "flat" )
if(count( $validFooterIcons)+count( $validFooterLinks) > 0) else
$this msg('personaltools') $this html('userlangattributes') foreach ($this->getPersonalTools() as $key=> $item)
foreach( $validFooterIcons as $blockName=> $footerIcons) foreach( $footerIcons as $icon) if(count( $validFooterLinks) > 0) $this html ( $aLink)
$this text ( 'searchtitle')

Protected Member Functions

 renderPortals ( $sidebar)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BaseTemplate
 renderAfterPortlet ( $name)

Detailed Description


Definition at line 61 of file MonoBook.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ cactions()

MonoBookTemplate::cactions ( )

Prints the cactions bar.

Shared between MonoBook and Modern

Definition at line 235 of file MonoBook.php.

References as, data, BaseTemplate\makeListItem(), BaseTemplate\msg(), php, and BaseTemplate\renderAfterPortlet().

Referenced by ModernTemplate\execute(), and execute().

◆ customBox()

MonoBookTemplate::customBox (   $bar,

Definition at line 301 of file MonoBook.php.

References array(), as, Sanitizer\escapeId(), BaseTemplate\makeListItem(), Html\openElement(), php, BaseTemplate\renderAfterPortlet(), Linker\titleAttrib(), and wfMessage().

Referenced by renderPortals().

◆ execute()

MonoBookTemplate::execute ( )

Template filter callback for MonoBook skin.

Takes an associative array of data set from a SkinTemplate-based class, and a wrapper for MediaWiki's localization database, and outputs a formatted page.

Access:\n private

Reimplemented from QuickTemplate.

Reimplemented in ModernTemplate.

Definition at line 71 of file MonoBook.php.

References cactions(), content, data, href, html, BaseTemplate\msg(), php, start, and wfSuppressWarnings().

◆ languageBox()

MonoBookTemplate::languageBox ( )

◆ renderPortals()

MonoBookTemplate::renderPortals (   $sidebar)

Definition at line 177 of file MonoBook.php.

References as, customBox(), languageBox(), searchBox(), and toolbox().

Referenced by ModernTemplate\execute().

◆ searchBox()

MonoBookTemplate::searchBox ( )

Definition at line 205 of file MonoBook.php.

References action, form, global, BaseTemplate\msg(), and php.

Referenced by renderPortals().

◆ toolbox()

MonoBookTemplate::toolbox ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ $validFooterIcons

MonoBookTemplate::$validFooterIcons = $this->getFooterIcons( "icononly" )

Definition at line 131 of file MonoBook.php.

◆ $validFooterLinks

MonoBookTemplate::$validFooterLinks = $this->getFooterLinks( "flat" )

Definition at line 132 of file MonoBook.php.

◆ else

if (count($validFooterIcons)+count($validFooterLinks) > 0) MonoBookTemplate::else
Initial value:
$footerEnd = ''

Definition at line 138 of file MonoBook.php.

◆ foreach

$this msg ( 'personaltools' ) $this html ( 'userlangattributes' ) MonoBookTemplate::foreach( $this->getPersonalTools() as $key=> $item)

Definition at line 110 of file MonoBook.php.

◆ html

foreach ($validFooterIcons as $blockName=> $footerIcons) foreach ($footerIcons as $icon) if (count($validFooterLinks) > 0) $this MonoBookTemplate::html($aLink)

Definition at line 155 of file MonoBook.php.

Referenced by ModernTemplate\execute(), execute(), and languageBox().

◆ text

$this MonoBookTemplate::text('searchtitle')

Definition at line 212 of file MonoBook.php.

Referenced by ModernTemplate\execute().

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