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PhpHttpRequest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 execute ()
 Take care of whatever is necessary to perform the URI request. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MWHttpRequest
 canFollowRedirects ()
 Returns true if the backend can follow redirects. More...
 getContent ()
 Get the body, or content, of the response to the request. More...
 getCookieJar ()
 Returns the cookie jar in use. More...
 getFinalUrl ()
 Returns the final URL after all redirections. More...
 getHeaderList ()
 Get an array of the headers. More...
 getResponseHeader ( $header)
 Returns the value of the given response header. More...
 getResponseHeaders ()
 Returns an associative array of response headers after the request has been executed. More...
 getStatus ()
 Get the integer value of the HTTP status code (e.g. More...
 isRedirect ()
 Returns true if the last status code was a redirect. More...
 proxySetup ()
 Take care of setting up the proxy (do nothing if "noProxy" is set) More...
 read ( $fh, $content)
 A generic callback to read the body of the response from a remote server. More...
 setCallback ( $callback)
 Set a read callback to accept data read from the HTTP request. More...
 setCookie ( $name, $value=null, $attr=null)
 Sets a cookie. More...
 setCookieJar ( $jar)
 Tells the MWHttpRequest object to use this pre-loaded CookieJar. More...
 setData ( $args)
 Set the parameters of the request. More...
 setHeader ( $name, $value)
 Set an arbitrary header. More...
 setUserAgent ( $UA)
 Set the user agent. More...

Protected Member Functions

 urlToTcp ( $url)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MWHttpRequest
 __construct ( $url, $options=array())
 parseCookies ()
 Parse the cookies in the response headers and store them in the cookie jar. More...
 parseHeader ()
 Parses the headers, including the HTTP status code and any Set-Cookie headers. More...
 setStatus ()
 Sets HTTPRequest status member to a fatal value with the error message if the returned integer value of the status code was not successful (< 300) or a redirect (>=300 and < 400). More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MWHttpRequest
static canMakeRequests ()
 Simple function to test if we can make any sort of requests at all, using cURL or fopen() More...
static factory ( $url, $options=null)
 Generate a new request object. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from MWHttpRequest
- Protected Attributes inherited from MWHttpRequest
 $caInfo = null
CookieJar $cookieJar
 $followRedirects = false
 $headerList = array()
 $headersOnly = null
 $maxRedirects = 5
 $method = "GET"
 $noProxy = false
 $postData = null
 $proxy = null
 $reqHeaders = array()
 $respHeaders = array()
 $respStatus = "200 Ok"
 $respVersion = "0.9"
 $sslVerifyCert = true
 $sslVerifyHost = true
 $timeout = 'default'

Detailed Description

Definition at line 820 of file HttpFunctions.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ execute()

◆ urlToTcp()

PhpHttpRequest::urlToTcp (   $url)

Definition at line 826 of file HttpFunctions.php.

References MWHttpRequest\$parsedUrl, and MWHttpRequest\$url.

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