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RevisionTestModifyableContent Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ( $text)
 copy ()
 getText ()
 setText ( $text)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TextContent
 __construct ( $text, $model_id=CONTENT_MODEL_TEXT)
 convert ( $toModel, $lossy='')
 This implementation provides lossless conversion between content models based on TextContent. More...
 diff (Content $that, Language $lang=null)
 Diff this content object with another content object. More...
 getNativeData ()
 Returns the text represented by this Content object, as a string. More...
 getParserOutput (Title $title, $revId=null, ParserOptions $options=null, $generateHtml=true)
 Returns a generic ParserOutput object, wrapping the HTML returned by getHtml(). More...
 getSize ()
 returns the text's size in bytes. More...
 getTextForSearchIndex ()
 Returns the text represented by this Content object, as a string. More...
 getTextForSummary ( $maxlength=250)
 Returns a textual representation of the content suitable for use in edit summaries and log messages. More...
 getWikitextForTransclusion ()
 Returns attempts to convert this content object to wikitext, and then returns the text string. More...
 isCountable ( $hasLinks=null)
 Returns true if this content is not a redirect, and $wgArticleCountMethod is "any". More...
 preSaveTransform (Title $title, User $user, ParserOptions $popts)
 Returns a Content object with pre-save transformations applied. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractContent
 addSectionHeader ( $header)
 equals (Content $that=null)
 getContentHandler ()
 getDefaultFormat ()
 getDeletionUpdates (WikiPage $page, ParserOutput $parserOutput=null)
 getModel ()
 getRedirectChain ()
 getRedirectTarget ()
 Subclasses that implement redirects should override this. More...
 getSecondaryDataUpdates (Title $title, Content $old=null, $recursive=true, ParserOutput $parserOutput=null)
 Returns a list of DataUpdate objects for recording information about this Content in some secondary data store. More...
 getSection ( $sectionId)
 getSupportedFormats ()
 getUltimateRedirectTarget ()
 isEmpty ()
 isRedirect ()
 isSupportedFormat ( $format)
 isValid ()
 Subclasses may override this to implement (light weight) validation. More...
 matchMagicWord (MagicWord $word)
 This default implementation always returns false. More...
 preloadTransform (Title $title, ParserOptions $popts, $params=array())
 prepareSave (WikiPage $page, $flags, $baseRevId, User $user)
 replaceSection ( $section, Content $with, $sectionTitle='')
 serialize ( $format=null)
 updateRedirect (Title $target)
 This default implementation always returns $this. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from TextContent
 getHighlightHtml ()
 Generates a syntax-highlighted version of the content, as HTML. More...
 getHtml ()
 Generates an HTML version of the content, for display. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AbstractContent
 checkFormat ( $format)
 checkModelID ( $modelId)
- Protected Attributes inherited from AbstractContent
string $model_id
 Name of the content model this Content object represents. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 446 of file RevisionTest.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

RevisionTestModifyableContent::__construct (   $modelId)

Reimplemented from AbstractContent.

Definition at line 447 of file RevisionTest.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ copy()

RevisionTestModifyableContent::copy ( )
Mutable subclasses MUST override this to return a copy!
Content $this

Reimplemented from TextContent.

Definition at line 451 of file RevisionTest.php.

◆ getText()

RevisionTestModifyableContent::getText ( )

Definition at line 455 of file RevisionTest.php.

◆ setText()

RevisionTestModifyableContent::setText (   $text)

Definition at line 459 of file RevisionTest.php.

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