MediaWiki  1.23.2
utils Directory Reference


file  ArrayUtils.php [code]
 Methods to play with arrays.
file  Cdb.php [code]
 Native CDB file reader and writer.
file  CdbDBA.php [code]
 DBA-based CDB reader/writer.
file  CdbPHP.php [code]
 This is a port of D.J.
file  ConfEditor.php [code]
 Configuration file editor.
file  IP.php [code]
 Functions and constants to play with IP addresses and ranges.
file  MWCryptRand.php [code]
 A cryptographic random generator class used for generating secret keys.
file  MWFunction.php [code]
 Helper methods to call functions and instance objects.
file  README [code]
file  StringUtils.php [code]
 Methods to play with strings.
file  UIDGenerator.php [code]
 This file deals with UID generation.
file  ZipDirectoryReader.php [code]
 ZIP file directories reader, for the purposes of upload verification.