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filebackend Directory Reference


directory  filejournal
directory  lockmanager


file  FileBackend.php [code]
 Base class for all file backends.
file  FileBackendGroup.php [code]
 File backend registration handling.
file  FileBackendMultiWrite.php [code]
 Proxy backend that mirrors writes to several internal backends.
file  FileBackendStore.php [code]
 Base class for all backends using particular storage medium.
file  FileOp.php [code]
 Helper class for representing operations with transaction support.
file  FileOpBatch.php [code]
 Helper class for representing batch file operations.
file  FSFile.php [code]
 Non-directory file on the file system.
file  FSFileBackend.php [code]
 File system based backend.
file  MemoryFileBackend.php [code]
 Simulation of a backend storage in memory.
file  README [code]
file  SwiftFileBackend.php [code]
 OpenStack Swift based file backend.
file  TempFSFile.php [code]
 Location holder of files stored temporarily.