MediaWiki  1.23.2
libs Directory Reference


file  CSSJanus.php [code]
 PHP port of CSSJanus.
file  CSSMin.php [code]
 Minification of CSS stylesheets.
file  GenericArrayObject.php [code]
 Extends ArrayObject and does two things:
file  HashRing.php [code]
 Convenience class for weighted consistent hash rings.
file  HttpStatus.php [code]
 List of HTTP status codes.
file  IEContentAnalyzer.php [code]
 Simulation of Microsoft Internet Explorer's MIME type detection algorithm.
file  IEUrlExtension.php [code]
 Checks for validity of requested URL's extension.
file  JavaScriptMinifier.php [code]
 JavaScript Minifier.
file  jsminplus.php [code]
 JSMinPlus version 1.4.
file [code]
file  MappedIterator.php [code]
 Convenience class for generating iterators from iterators.
file  MultiHttpClient.php [code]
 HTTP service client.
file  MWMessagePack.php [code]
 MessagePack serializer.
file  ProcessCacheLRU.php [code]
 Per-process memory cache for storing items.
file  README [code]
file  RunningStat.php [code]
 Compute running mean, variance, and extrema of a stream of numbers.
file  ScopedCallback.php [code]
 This file deals with RAII style scoped callbacks.
file  ScopedPHPTimeout.php [code]
 Expansion of the PHP execution time limit feature for a function call.
file  XmlTypeCheck.php [code]
 XML syntax and type checker.