MediaWiki  1.23.2


file  ArrayDiffFormatter.php
 Portions taken from phpwiki-1.3.3.
file  DairikiDiff.php
 A PHP diff engine for phpwiki.
file  DifferenceEngine.php
 User interface for the difference engine.
file  DiffFormatter.php
 Base for diff rendering classes.
file  TableDiffFormatter.php
 Portions taken from phpwiki-1.3.3.
file  UnifiedDiffFormatter.php
 Portions taken from phpwiki-1.3.3.
file  WikiDiff3.php
 New version of the difference engine.


class  ArrayDiffFormatter
 A pseudo-formatter that just passes along the Diff::$edits array. More...
class  Diff
 Class representing a 'diff' between two sequences of strings. More...
class  DiffEngine
 Class used internally by Diff to actually compute the diffs. More...
class  DifferenceEngine
class  DiffFormatter
 Base class for diff formatters. More...
class  DiffOp
class  DiffOpAdd
class  DiffOpChange
class  DiffOpCopy
class  DiffOpDelete
class  HWLDFWordAccumulator
 Additions by Axel Boldt follow, partly taken from diff.php, phpwiki-1.3.3. More...
class  MappedDiff
class  RangeDifference
 Alternative representation of a set of changes, by the index ranges that are changed. More...
class  TableDiffFormatter
 MediaWiki default table style diff formatter. More...
class  UnifiedDiffFormatter
 A formatter that outputs unified diffs. More...
class  WikiDiff3
 This diff implementation is mainly lifted from the LCS algorithm of the Eclipse project which in turn is based on Myers' "An O(ND) difference algorithm and its variations" ( with range compression (see Wu et al. More...
class  WordLevelDiff

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