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Public Member Functions

 __construct ( $from_lines, $to_lines, $mapped_from_lines, $mapped_to_lines)
 Constructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Diff
 __construct ( $from_lines, $to_lines)
 Constructor. More...
 closing ()
 Get the closing set of lines. More...
 getEdits ()
 isEmpty ()
 Check for empty diff. More...
 lcs ()
 Compute the length of the Longest Common Subsequence (LCS). More...
 orig ()
 Get the original set of lines. More...
 reverse ()
 Compute reversed Diff. More...

Additional Inherited Members

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DiffOp[] $edits

Detailed Description

document, bad name.
Access:\n private

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

MappedDiff::__construct (   $from_lines,


Computes diff between sequences of strings.

This can be used to compute things like case-insensitve diffs, or diffs which ignore changes in white-space.

string[]$from_linesAn array of strings. Typically these are lines from a file.
string[]$to_linesAn array of strings.
string[]$mapped_from_linesThis array should have the same size number of elements as $from_lines. The elements in $mapped_from_lines and $mapped_to_lines are what is actually compared when computing the diff.
string[]$mapped_to_linesThis array should have the same number of elements as $to_lines.

Definition at line 853 of file DairikiDiff.php.

References edits, wfProfileIn(), and wfProfileOut().

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