MediaWiki  1.23.2
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1 <?php
24 require_once __DIR__ . '/Maintenance.php';
32  public function __construct() {
33  parent::__construct();
34  $this->mDescription = "Purge all language messages from the cache";
35  }
37  public function execute() {
38  global $wgLocalDatabases, $wgDBname, $wgEnableSidebarCache, $messageMemc;
39  if ( $wgLocalDatabases ) {
40  $databases = $wgLocalDatabases;
41  } else {
42  $databases = array( $wgDBname );
43  }
45  foreach ( $databases as $db ) {
46  $this->output( "Deleting message cache for {$db}... " );
47  $messageMemc->delete( "{$db}:messages" );
48  if ( $wgEnableSidebarCache ) {
49  $messageMemc->delete( "{$db}:sidebar" );
50  }
51  $this->output( "Deleted\n" );
52  }
53  }
54 }
56 $maintClass = "RebuildMessages";
57 require_once RUN_MAINTENANCE_IF_MAIN;
skin txt MediaWiki includes four core it has been set as the default in MediaWiki since the replacing Monobook it had been been the default skin since before being replaced by Vector largely rewritten in while keeping its appearance Several legacy skins were removed in the as the burden of supporting them became too heavy to bear Those in etc for skin dependent CSS etc for skin dependent JavaScript These can also be customised on a per user by etc This feature has led to a wide variety of user styles becoming that gallery is a good place to ending in php
Definition: skin.txt:62
Default constructor.
Definition: rebuildmessages.php:32
globals will be eliminated from MediaWiki replaced by an application object which would be passed to constructors Whether that would be an convenient solution remains to be but certainly PHP makes such object oriented programming models easier than they were in previous versions For the time being MediaWiki programmers will have to work in an environment with some global context At the time of globals were initialised on startup by MediaWiki of these were configuration which are documented in DefaultSettings php There is no comprehensive documentation for the remaining however some of the most important ones are listed below They are typically initialised either in index php or in Setup php For a description of the see design txt $wgTitle Title object created from the request URL $wgOut OutputPage object for HTTP response $wgUser User object for the user associated with the current request $wgLang Language object selected by user preferences $wgContLang Language object associated with the wiki being viewed $wgParser Parser object Parser extensions register their hooks here $wgRequest WebRequest to get request data $messageMemc
Definition: globals.txt:25
Definition: maintenance.txt:50
Abstract maintenance class for quickly writing and churning out maintenance scripts with minimal effo...
Definition: maintenance.txt:39
controlled by $wgMainCacheType controlled by $wgParserCacheType controlled by $wgMessageCacheType If you set CACHE_NONE to one of the three control default value for MediaWiki still create a but requests to it are no ops and we always fall through to the database If the cache daemon can t be it should also disable itself fairly smoothly By $wgMemc is used but when it is $parserMemc or $messageMemc this is mentioned $wgDBname
Definition: memcached.txt:96
the array() calling protocol came about after MediaWiki 1.4rc1.
List of Api Query prop modules.
when a variable name is used in a it is silently declared as a new masking the global
Definition: design.txt:93
Definition: rebuildmessages.php:56
This document is intended to provide useful advice for parties seeking to redistribute MediaWiki to end users It s targeted particularly at maintainers for Linux since it s been observed that distribution packages of MediaWiki often break We ve consistently had to recommend that users seeking support use official tarballs instead of their distribution s and this often solves whatever problem the user is having It would be nice if this could such as
Definition: distributors.txt:9
output( $out, $channel=null)
Throw some output to the user.
Definition: Maintenance.php:314
Maintenance script that purges all languages from the message cache.
Definition: rebuildmessages.php:31
Do the actual work.
Definition: rebuildmessages.php:37