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ConfigFactory Class Reference

Factory class to create Config objects. More...

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Public Member Functions

 getConfigNames ()
 makeConfig ($name)
 Create a given Config using the registered callback for $name. More...
 register ($name, $callback)
 Register a new config factory function. More...
 salvage (SalvageableService $other)
 Re-uses existing Cache objects from $other. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static getDefaultInstance ()

Protected Attributes

array $configs = []
 Config objects that have already been created name => Config object. More...
array $factoryFunctions = []
 Map of config name => callback. More...

Detailed Description

Factory class to create Config objects.


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Member Function Documentation

ConfigFactory::getConfigNames ( )

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Referenced by MediaWikiTestCase\makeTestConfigFactoryInstantiator().

static ConfigFactory::getDefaultInstance ( )
since 1.27, use MediaWikiServices::getConfigFactory() instead.

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ConfigFactory::makeConfig (   $name)

Create a given Config using the registered callback for $name.

If an object was already created, the same Config object is returned.

string$nameName of the extension/component you want a Config object for 'main' is used for core
ConfigExceptionIf a factory function isn't registered for $name
UnexpectedValueExceptionIf the factory function returns a non-Config object

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References $name.

Referenced by MediaWikiTestCase\makeTestConfigFactoryInstantiator().

ConfigFactory::register (   $name,

Register a new config factory function.

Will override if it's already registered. Use "*" for $name to provide a fallback config for all unknown names.

callable | Config$callbackA factory callabck that takes this ConfigFactory as an argument and returns a Config instance, or an existing Config instance.
InvalidArgumentExceptionIf an invalid callback is provided

Definition at line 106 of file ConfigFactory.php.

References $name.

ConfigFactory::salvage ( SalvageableService  $other)

Re-uses existing Cache objects from $other.

Cache objects are only re-used if the registered factory function for both is the same. Cache config is not copied, and only instances of caches defined on this instance with the same config are copied.

See also
SalvageableService$otherThe object to salvage state from. $other must have the exact same type as $this.

Implements MediaWiki\Services\SalvageableService.

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References $name, as, and class.

Member Data Documentation

array ConfigFactory::$configs = []

Config objects that have already been created name => Config object.

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array ConfigFactory::$factoryFunctions = []

Map of config name => callback.

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