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ResourceLoaderImageTestable Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 massageSvgPathdata ($svg)
 rasterize ($svg)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ResourceLoaderImage
static array __construct ($name, $module, $descriptor, $basePath, $variants)
 getDataUri (ResourceLoaderContext $context, $variant, $format)
 Get the data: URI that will produce this image. More...
 getExtension ($format= 'original')
 Get the extension of the image. More...
 getImageData (ResourceLoaderContext $context, $variant=false, $format=false)
 Get actual image data for this image. More...
 getMimeType ($format= 'original')
 Get the MIME type of the image. More...
 getModule ()
 Get name of the module this image belongs to. More...
 getName ()
 Get name of this image. More...
 getPath (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Get the path to image file for given context. More...
 getUrl (ResourceLoaderContext $context, $script, $variant, $format)
 Get the load.php URL that will produce this image. More...
 getVariants ()
 Get the list of variants this image can be converted to. More...
 sendResponseHeaders (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Send response headers (using the header() function) that are necessary to correctly serve the image data for this image, as returned by getImageData(). More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ResourceLoaderImage
 massageSvgPathdata ($svg)
 Massage the SVG image data for converters which don't understand some path data syntax. More...
 rasterize ($svg)
 Convert passed image data, which is assumed to be SVG, to PNG. More...
 variantize ($variantConf, ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Convert this image, which is assumed to be SVG, to given variant. More...
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ResourceLoaderImage
static array $fileTypes
 Map of allowed file extensions to their MIME types. More...

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

ResourceLoaderImageTestable::massageSvgPathdata (   $svg)

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ResourceLoaderImageTestable::rasterize (   $svg)

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