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file  Bitmap.php [code]
 Generic handler for bitmap images.
file  Bitmap_ClientOnly.php [code]
 Handler for bitmap images that will be resized by clients.
file  BitmapMetadataHandler.php [code]
 Extraction of metadata from different bitmap image types.
file  BMP.php [code]
 Handler for Microsoft's bitmap format.
file  DjVu.php [code]
 Handler for DjVu images.
file  DjVuImage.php [code]
 DjVu image handler.
file  Exif.php [code]
 Extraction and validation of image metadata.
file  ExifBitmap.php [code]
 Handler for bitmap images with exif metadata.
file  GIF.php [code]
 Handler for GIF images.
file  GIFMetadataExtractor.php [code]
 GIF frame counter.
file  ImageHandler.php [code]
 Media-handling base classes and generic functionality.
file  IPTC.php [code]
 Class for some IPTC functions.
file  Jpeg.php [code]
 Handler for JPEG images.
file  JpegMetadataExtractor.php [code]
 Extraction of JPEG image metadata.
file  MediaHandler.php [code]
 Media-handling base classes and generic functionality.
file  MediaHandlerFactory.php [code]
 Media-handling base classes and generic functionality.
file  MediaTransformInvalidParametersException.php [code]
 This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
file  MediaTransformOutput.php [code]
 Base class for the output of file transformation methods.
file  PNG.php [code]
 Handler for PNG images.
file  PNGMetadataExtractor.php [code]
 PNG frame counter and metadata extractor.
file  SVG.php [code]
 Handler for SVG images.
file  SVGMetadataExtractor.php [code]
 Extraction of SVG image metadata.
file  Tiff.php [code]
 Handler for Tiff images.
file  TransformationalImageHandler.php [code]
 Base class for handlers which require transforming images in a similar way as BitmapHandler does.
file  WebP.php [code]
 Handler for Google's WebP format
file  XCF.php [code]
 Handler for the Gimp's native file format (XCF)