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def captcha-old.gen_captcha (text, fontname, fontsize, file_name)
def captcha-old.gen_subdir (basedir, md5hash, levels)
def captcha-old.pick_word (words, blacklist, verbose, nwords, min_length, max_length)
def captcha-old.read_wordlist (filename)
def captcha-old.run_in_thread (object)
def captcha-old.try_pick_word (words, blacklist, verbose, nwords, min_length, max_length)
def captcha-old.wobbly_copy (src, wob, col, scale, ang)


def captcha-old.blacklist = read_wordlist(opts.blacklist)
int captcha-old.chunks = 1
 captcha-old.count = opts.count
list = []
 captcha-old.dirs = opts.dirs
 captcha-old.fill = opts.fill
 captcha-old.font = opts.font
 captcha-old.fontsize = opts.font_size
 captcha-old.key = opts.key
 captcha-old.nonalpha = re.compile('[^a-z]')
 captcha-old.output = opts.output
 captcha-old.p = multiprocessing.Pool(threads);
 captcha-old.parser = OptionParser()
 captcha-old.script_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))
 captcha-old.threads = opts.threads
 captcha-old.verbose = opts.verbose
 captcha-old.wordlist = opts.wordlist
 captcha-old.words = None