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CategoryMembershipChangeJob Class Reference

Job to add recent change entries mentioning category membership changes. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct (ParserCache $parserCache, Title $title, array $params)
 Constructor for use by the Job Queue infrastructure. More...
 getDeduplicationInfo ()
 Subclasses may need to override this to make duplication detection work. More...
 run ()
 Run the job. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Job
 __construct ( $command, $params=null)
 allowRetries ()
 getLastError ()
 getMetadata ( $field=null)
 getParams ()
 getQueuedTimestamp ()
 getReadyTimestamp ()
 getReleaseTimestamp ()
 getRequestId ()
 getRootJobParams ()
 getTitle ()
 getType ()
 hasExecutionFlag ( $flag)
 hasRootJobParams ()
 ignoreDuplicates ()
 Whether the queue should reject insertion of this job if a duplicate exists. More...
 isRootJob ()
 setMetadata ( $field, $value)
 teardown ( $status)
 Do any final cleanup after run(), deferred updates, and all DB commits happen. More...
 toString ()
 workItemCount ()

Static Public Member Functions

static newSpec (Title $title, $revisionTimestamp)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Job
static factory ( $command, $params=[])
 Create the appropriate object to handle a specific job. More...
static newRootJobParams ( $key)
 Get "root job" parameters for a task. More...

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from Job
string $command
array $metadata = []
 Additional queue metadata. More...
array $params
 Array of job parameters. More...

Protected Member Functions

 notifyUpdatesForRevision (LBFactory $lbFactory, WikiPage $page, Revision $newRev)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Job
 addTeardownCallback ( $callback)
 setLastError ( $error)

Private Member Functions

 getCategoriesAtRev (WikiPage $page, Revision $rev, $parseTimestamp)
 getExplicitCategoriesChanges (WikiPage $page, Revision $newRev, Revision $oldRev=null)

Private Attributes

ParserCache $parserCache
int null $ticket

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Job
string $error
 Text for error that occurred last. More...
int $executionFlags = 0
 Bitfield of JOB_* class constants. More...
bool $removeDuplicates = false
 Expensive jobs may set this to true. More...
callable[] $teardownCallbacks = []
Title $title

Detailed Description

Job to add recent change entries mentioning category membership changes.

This allows users to easily scan categories for recent page membership changes

Parameters include:

  • pageId : page ID
  • revTimestamp : timestamp of the triggering revision

Category changes will be mentioned for revisions at/after the timestamp for this page


Definition at line 38 of file CategoryMembershipChangeJob.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

CategoryMembershipChangeJob::__construct ( ParserCache  $parserCache,
Title  $title,
array  $params 

Constructor for use by the Job Queue infrastructure.

Don't call this when queueing a new instance, use newSpec() instead.
ParserCache$parserCacheCache outputs of PHP parser.
Title$titleTitle of the categorized page.
array$paramsSuch latest revision instance of the categorized page.

Definition at line 73 of file CategoryMembershipChangeJob.php.

References Job\$params, $parserCache, and Job\$title.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getCategoriesAtRev()

CategoryMembershipChangeJob::getCategoriesAtRev ( WikiPage  $page,
Revision  $rev,
string[] category names

Definition at line 264 of file CategoryMembershipChangeJob.php.

References $options, $output, $rev, and WikiPage\makeParserOptions().

Referenced by getExplicitCategoriesChanges().

◆ getDeduplicationInfo()

CategoryMembershipChangeJob::getDeduplicationInfo ( )

Subclasses may need to override this to make duplication detection work.

The resulting map conveys everything that makes the job unique. This is only checked if ignoreDuplicates() returns true, meaning that duplicate jobs are supposed to be ignored.

array Map of key/values

Reimplemented from Job.

Definition at line 281 of file CategoryMembershipChangeJob.php.

◆ getExplicitCategoriesChanges()

CategoryMembershipChangeJob::getExplicitCategoriesChanges ( WikiPage  $page,
Revision  $newRev,
Revision  $oldRev = null 

Definition at line 235 of file CategoryMembershipChangeJob.php.

References $newRev, and getCategoriesAtRev().

Referenced by notifyUpdatesForRevision().

◆ newSpec()

static CategoryMembershipChangeJob::newSpec ( Title  $title,
Title$titleThe title of the page for which to update category membership.
string$revisionTimestampThe timestamp of the new revision that triggered the job.

Definition at line 54 of file CategoryMembershipChangeJob.php.

References Job\$title, and Title\getArticleID().

Referenced by MediaWiki\Storage\DerivedPageDataUpdater\doUpdates().

◆ notifyUpdatesForRevision()

CategoryMembershipChangeJob::notifyUpdatesForRevision ( LBFactory  $lbFactory,
WikiPage  $page,
Revision  $newRev 

◆ run()

CategoryMembershipChangeJob::run ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ $parserCache

ParserCache CategoryMembershipChangeJob::$parserCache

Definition at line 47 of file CategoryMembershipChangeJob.php.

Referenced by __construct().

◆ $ticket

int null CategoryMembershipChangeJob::$ticket

Definition at line 40 of file CategoryMembershipChangeJob.php.


const CategoryMembershipChangeJob::ENQUEUE_FUDGE_SEC = 60

Definition at line 42 of file CategoryMembershipChangeJob.php.

Referenced by run().

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