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DBAccessObjectUtils Class Reference

Helper class for DAO classes. More...

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Static Public Member Functions

static getDBOptions ( $bitfield)
 Get an appropriate DB index, options, and fallback DB index for a query. More...
static hasFlags ( $bitfield, $flags)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from IDBAccessObject
const READ_LOCKING = self::READ_LATEST | 2
 Constants for object loading bitfield flags (higher => higher QoS) More...
const READ_NONE = -1

Detailed Description

Helper class for DAO classes.


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Member Function Documentation

◆ getDBOptions()

static DBAccessObjectUtils::getDBOptions (   $bitfield)

Get an appropriate DB index, options, and fallback DB index for a query.

The fallback DB index and options are to be used if the entity is not found with the initial DB index, typically querying the master DB to avoid lag

int$bitfieldBitfield of IDBAccessObject::READ_* constants
array List of DB indexes and options in this order:
  • DB_MASTER or DB_REPLICA constant for the initial query
  • SELECT options array for the initial query
  • DB_MASTER constant for the fallback query; null if no fallback should happen
  • SELECT options array for the fallback query; empty if no fallback should happen

Definition at line 52 of file DBAccessObjectUtils.php.

References $options, DB_MASTER, and DB_REPLICA.

Referenced by MediaWiki\Storage\SqlBlobStore\fetchBlob(), User\getActorId(), Revision\RevisionStore\getDBConnectionRefForQueryFlags(), BotPassword\getPassword(), Revision\RevisionStore\getRecentChange(), Revision\RevisionStore\getTitle(), User\idFromName(), User\load(), User\loadFromDatabase(), WikiPage\loadPageData(), Revision\RevisionStore\loadSlotRecords(), LocalIdLookup\lookupCentralIds(), LocalIdLookup\lookupUserNames(), BotPassword\newFromCentralId(), MediaWiki\Auth\LocalPasswordPrimaryAuthenticationProvider\testUserExists(), and MediaWiki\Auth\TemporaryPasswordPrimaryAuthenticationProvider\testUserExists().

◆ hasFlags()

static DBAccessObjectUtils::hasFlags (   $bitfield,
int$flagsIDBAccessObject::READ_* constant
bool Bitfield has flag $flag set

Definition at line 35 of file DBAccessObjectUtils.php.

Referenced by MediaWiki\Storage\SqlBlobStore\fetchBlob(), Revision\RevisionStore\getTitle(), User\loadFromId(), and Title\loadRestrictions().

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