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MockDjVuHandler Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 doTransform ( $image, $dstPath, $dstUrl, $params, $flags=0)
 isEnabled ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DjVuHandler
 getDjVuImage ( $image, $path)
 Cache an instance of DjVuImage in an Image object, return that instance. More...
 getImageSize ( $image, $path)
 Get an image size array like that returned by getimagesize(), or false if it can't be determined. More...
 getMetadata ( $image, $path)
 Get handler-specific metadata which will be saved in the img_metadata field. More...
 getMetadataType ( $image)
 Get a string describing the type of metadata, for display purposes. More...
 getMetaTree ( $image, $gettext=false)
 Cache a document tree for the DjVu XML metadata. More...
 getPageDimensions (File $image, $page)
 Get an associative array of page dimensions Currently "width" and "height" are understood, but this might be expanded in the future. More...
 getPageText (File $image, $page)
 getParamMap ()
 getThumbType ( $ext, $mime, $params=null)
 Get the thumbnail extension and MIME type for a given source MIME type. More...
 isExpensiveToThumbnail ( $file)
 True if creating thumbnails from the file is large or otherwise resource-intensive. More...
 isMetadataValid ( $image, $metadata)
 Check if the metadata string is valid for this handler. More...
 isMultiPage ( $file)
 makeParamString ( $params)
 mustRender ( $file)
 pageCount (File $image)
 Page count for a multi-page document, false if unsupported or unknown. More...
 parseParamString ( $str)
 validateParam ( $name, $value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ImageHandler
 canRender ( $file)
 getDimensionsString ( $file)
 getImageArea ( $image)
 Function that returns the number of pixels to be thumbnailed. More...
 getLongDesc ( $file)
 getScriptedTransform ( $image, $script, $params)
 getShortDesc ( $file)
 normaliseParams ( $image, &$params)
 sanitizeParamsForBucketing ( $params)
 Returns a normalised params array for which parameters have been cleaned up for bucketing purposes. More...
 validateThumbParams (&$width, &$height, $srcWidth, $srcHeight, $mimeType)
 Validate thumbnail parameters and fill in the correct height. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MediaHandler
 canAnimateThumbnail ( $file)
 If the material is animated, we can animate the thumbnail. More...
 canRotate ()
 True if the handler can rotate the media. More...
 convertMetadataVersion ( $metadata, $version=1)
 Convert metadata version. More...
 filterThumbnailPurgeList (&$files, $options)
 Remove files from the purge list. More...
 formatMetadata ( $image, $context=false)
 Get an array structure that looks like this: More...
 formatMetadataHelper ( $metadataArray, $context=false)
 sorts the visible/invisible field. More...
 getAvailableLanguages (File $file)
 Get list of languages file can be viewed in. More...
 getCommonMetaArray (File $file)
 Get an array of standard (FormatMetadata type) metadata values. More...
 getContentHeaders ( $metadata)
 Get useful response headers for GET/HEAD requests for a file with the given metadata. More...
 getDefaultRenderLanguage (File $file)
 On file types that support renderings in multiple languages, which language is used by default if unspecified. More...
 getEntireText (File $file)
 Get the text of the entire document. More...
 getLength ( $file)
 If its an audio file, return the length of the file. More...
 getMatchedLanguage ( $userPreferredLanguage, array $availableLanguages)
 When overridden in a descendant class, returns a language code most suiting. More...
 getRotation ( $file)
 On supporting image formats, try to read out the low-level orientation of the file and return the angle that the file needs to be rotated to be viewed. More...
 getTransform ( $image, $dstPath, $dstUrl, $params)
 Get a MediaTransformOutput object representing the transformed output. More...
 getWarningConfig ( $file)
 Gets configuration for the file warning message. More...
 isAnimatedImage ( $file)
 The material is an image, and is animated. More...
 isVectorized ( $file)
 The material is vectorized and thus scaling is lossless. More...
 parserTransformHook ( $parser, $file)
 Modify the parser object post-transform. More...
 removeBadFile ( $dstPath, $retval=0)
 Check for zero-sized thumbnails. More...
 supportsBucketing ()
 Returns whether or not this handler supports the chained generation of thumbnails according to buckets. More...
 verifyUpload ( $fileName)
 File validation hook called on upload. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MediaHandler
static fitBoxWidth ( $boxWidth, $boxHeight, $maxHeight)
 Calculate the largest thumbnail width for a given original file size such that the thumbnail's height is at most $maxHeight. More...
static getGeneralLongDesc ( $file)
 Used instead of getLongDesc if there is no handler registered for file. More...
static getGeneralShortDesc ( $file)
 Used instead of getShortDesc if there is no handler registered for file. More...
static getHandler ( $type)
 Get a MediaHandler for a given MIME type from the instance cache. More...
static getMetadataVersion ()
 Get metadata version. More...
static getPageRangesByDimensions ( $pagesByDimensions)
 Converts a dimensions array about a potentially multipage document from an exhaustive list of ordered page numbers to a list of page ranges. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from DjVuHandler
const EXPENSIVE_SIZE_LIMIT = 10485760
- Public Attributes inherited from MediaHandler
const MAX_ERR_LOG_SIZE = 65535
 Max length of error logged by logErrorForExternalProcess() More...
const METADATA_BAD = false
const METADATA_GOOD = true
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DjVuHandler
 extractTreesFromMetadata ( $metadata)
 Extracts metadata and text trees from metadata XML in string form. More...
 getDimensionInfo (File $file)
 getDimensionInfoFromMetaTree ( $metatree)
 Given an XML metadata tree, returns dimension information about the document. More...
 getScriptParams ( $params)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MediaHandler
 logErrorForExternalProcess ( $retval, $err, $cmd)
 Log an error that occurred in an external process. More...
 visibleMetadataFields ()
 Get a list of metadata items which should be displayed when the metadata table is collapsed. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from MediaHandler
static addMeta (&$array, $visibility, $type, $id, $value, $param=false)
 This is used to generate an array element for each metadata value That array is then used to generate the table of metadata values on the image page. More...

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

◆ doTransform()

MockDjVuHandler::doTransform (   $image,
  $flags = 0 

Reimplemented from DjVuHandler.

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References $image, $params, ImageHandler\normaliseParams(), DjVuHandler\pageCount(), text, and wfMessage().

◆ isEnabled()

MockDjVuHandler::isEnabled ( )

Reimplemented from DjVuHandler.

Definition at line 25 of file MockDjVuHandler.php.

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