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SearchNearMatchResultSet Class Reference

A SearchResultSet wrapper for SearchNearMatcher. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ( $match)
 numRows ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SearchResultSet
 __construct ( $containedSyntax=false, $hasMoreResults=false)
 augmentResult (SearchResult $result)
 Returns extra data for specific result and store it in SearchResult object. More...
 count ()
 extractResults ()
 Extract all the results in the result set as array. More...
 extractTitles ()
 Extract all the titles in the result set. More...
 free ()
 Frees the result set, if applicable. More...
 getInterwikiResults ( $type=self::SECONDARY_RESULTS)
 Return a result set of hits on other (multiple) wikis associated with this one. More...
 getIterator ()
 getOffset ()
 getQueryAfterRewrite ()
 getQueryAfterRewriteSnippet ()
 getSuggestionQuery ()
 getSuggestionSnippet ()
 getTotalHits ()
 Some search modes return a total hit count for the query in the entire article database. More...
 hasInterwikiResults ( $type=self::SECONDARY_RESULTS)
 Check if there are results on other wikis. More...
 hasMoreResults ()
 hasRewrittenQuery ()
 Some search modes will run an alternative query that it thinks gives a better result than the provided search. More...
 hasSuggestion ()
 Some search modes return a suggested alternate term if there are no exact hits. More...
 next ()
 Fetches next search result, or false. More...
 rewind ()
 Rewind result set back to beginning. More...
 searchContainedSyntax ()
 Did the search contain search syntax? If so, Special:Search won't offer the user a link to a create a page named by the search string because the name would contain the search syntax. More...
 setAugmentedData ( $name, $data)
 Sets augmented data for result set. More...
 shrink ( $limit)
 termMatches ()
 Fetch an array of regular expression fragments for matching the search terms as parsed by this engine in a text extract. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from SearchResultSet
 $containedSyntax = false
 Types of interwiki results. More...
array[] $extraData = []
 Set of result's extra data, indexed per result id and then per data item name. More...
SearchResult[] $results
 Cache of results - serialization of the result iterator as an array. More...

Detailed Description

A SearchResultSet wrapper for SearchNearMatcher.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

SearchNearMatchResultSet::__construct (   $match)
Title | null$matchTitle if matched, else null

Definition at line 9 of file SearchNearMatchResultSet.php.

References SearchResult\newFromTitle().

Member Function Documentation

◆ numRows()

SearchNearMatchResultSet::numRows ( )

Reimplemented from SearchResultSet.

Definition at line 17 of file SearchNearMatchResultSet.php.

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