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BadTitleError Class Reference

Show an error page on a badtitle. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ( $msg='badtitletext', $params=[])
- Public Member Functions inherited from BadRequestError
 report ()
 Output a report about the exception and takes care of formatting.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ErrorPageError
 __construct ( $title, $msg, $params=[])
 Note: these arguments are keys into wfMessage(), not text!
- Public Member Functions inherited from MWException
 getHTML ()
 If $wgShowExceptionDetails is true, return a HTML message with a backtrace to the error, otherwise show a message to ask to set it to true to show that information.
 getPageTitle ()
 Return the title of the page when reporting this error in a HTTP response.
 getText ()
 Get the text to display when reporting the error on the command line.
 isLoggable ()
 Whether to log this exception in the exception debug log.
 msg ( $key, $fallback)
 Get a message from i18n.
 reportHTML ()
 Output the exception report using HTML.
 runHooks ( $name, $args=[])
 Run hook to allow extensions to modify the text of the exception.
 useMessageCache ()
 Can the extension use the Message class/wfMessage to get i18n-ed messages?
 useOutputPage ()
 Should the exception use $wgOut to output the error?

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MWException
static isCommandLine ()
 Check whether we are in command line mode or not to report the exception in the correct format.
- Public Attributes inherited from ErrorPageError

Detailed Description

Show an error page on a badtitle.

Uses BadRequestError to emit a 400 HTTP error code to ensure caching proxies and mobile browsers know not to cache it as valid content. (T35646)


Definition at line 30 of file BadTitleError.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

BadTitleError::__construct (   $msg = 'badtitletext',
  $params = [] 
string | Message | MalformedTitleException$msgA message key (default: 'badtitletext'), or a MalformedTitleException to figure out things from
array$paramsParameter to wfMessage()

Definition at line 36 of file BadTitleError.php.

References ErrorPageError\$msg, and ErrorPageError\$params.

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