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DatabaseSqliteMock Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 query ( $sql, $fname='', $tempIgnore=false)
 Run an SQL query and return the result.
 replaceVars ( $s)
 Override parent visibility to public.
- Public Member Functions inherited from DatabaseSqlite
 __construct (array $p)
 Additional params include:
 __toString ()
 addQuotes ( $s)
 affectedRows ()
 attachDatabase ( $name, $file=false, $fname=__METHOD__)
 Attaches external database to our connection, see for details.
 buildConcat ( $stringList)
 Build a concatenation list to feed into a SQL query.
 buildGroupConcatField ( $delim, $table, $field, $conds='', $join_conds=[])
 Build a GROUP_CONCAT or equivalent statement for a query.
 buildLike ()
 buildStringCast ( $field)
 checkForEnabledSearch ()
 Check if the searchindext table is FTS enabled.
 dataSeek ( $res, $row)
 deadlockLoop ()
 No-op version of deadlockLoop.
 decodeBlob ( $b)
 dropTable ( $tableName, $fName=__METHOD__)
 Override due to no CASCADE support.
 duplicateTableStructure ( $oldName, $newName, $temporary=false, $fname=__METHOD__)
 encodeBlob ( $b)
 fetchObject ( $res)
 fetchRow ( $res)
 fieldInfo ( $table, $field)
 Get information about a given field Returns false if the field does not exist.
 fieldName ( $res, $n)
 freeResult ( $res)
 getDbFilePath ()
 getServerVersion ()
 getSoftwareLink ()
 getType ()
 implicitGroupby ()
 indexInfo ( $table, $index, $fname=__METHOD__)
 Returns information about an index Returns false if the index does not exist.
 indexUnique ( $table, $index, $fname=__METHOD__)
 insert ( $table, $a, $fname=__METHOD__, $options=[])
 Based on generic method (parent) with some prior SQLite-sepcific adjustments.
 insertId ()
 This must be called after nextSequenceVal.
 isWriteQuery ( $sql)
 Determine whether a query writes to the DB.
 lastErrno ()
 lastError ()
 listTables ( $prefix=null, $fname=__METHOD__)
 List all tables on the database.
 lock ( $lockName, $method, $timeout=5)
 Acquire a named lock.
 makeInsertOptions ( $options)
 makeSelectOptions ( $options)
 Filter the options used in SELECT statements.
 numFields ( $res)
 numRows ( $res)
 The PDO::Statement class implements the array interface so count() will work.
 open ( $server, $user, $pass, $dbName)
 Open an SQLite database and return a resource handle to it NOTE: only $dbName is used, the other parameters are irrelevant for SQLite databases.
 replace ( $table, $uniqueIndexes, $rows, $fname=__METHOD__)
 strencode ( $s)
 tableName ( $name, $format='quoted')
 Use MySQL's naming (accounts for prefix etc) but remove surrounding backticks.
 textFieldSize ( $table, $field)
 Returns the size of a text field, or -1 for "unlimited" In SQLite this is SQLITE_MAX_LENGTH, by default 1GB.
 unionQueries ( $sqls, $all)
 unionSupportsOrderAndLimit ()
 unlock ( $lockName, $method)
 Release a lock.
 wasDeadlock ()
 wasErrorReissuable ()
 wasReadOnlyError ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Database
 __clone ()
 Make sure that copies do not share the same client binding handle.
 __destruct ()
 Run a few simple sanity checks and close dangling connections.
 __sleep ()
 Called by serialize.
 addIdentifierQuotes ( $s)
 Quotes an identifier using backticks or "double quotes" depending on the database type.
 aggregateValue ( $valuedata, $valuename='value')
 Return aggregated value alias.
 anyChar ()
 Returns a token for buildLike() that denotes a '_' to be used in a LIKE query.
 anyString ()
 Returns a token for buildLike() that denotes a '' to be used in a LIKE query.
 begin ( $fname=__METHOD__, $mode=self::TRANSACTION_EXPLICIT)
 Begin a transaction.
 bitAnd ( $fieldLeft, $fieldRight)
 bitNot ( $field)
 bitOr ( $fieldLeft, $fieldRight)
 bufferResults ( $buffer=null)
 Turns buffering of SQL result sets on (true) or off (false).
 clearFlag ( $flag, $remember=self::REMEMBER_NOTHING)
 Clear a flag for this connection.
 close ()
 Closes a database connection.
 commit ( $fname=__METHOD__, $flush='')
 Commits a transaction previously started using begin().
 conditional ( $cond, $trueVal, $falseVal)
 Returns an SQL expression for a simple conditional.
 connectionErrorLogger ( $errno, $errstr)
 This method should not be used outside of Database classes.
 dbSchema ( $schema=null)
 Get/set the db schema.
 decodeExpiry ( $expiry, $format=TS_MW)
 Decode an expiry time into a DBMS independent format.
 delete ( $table, $conds, $fname=__METHOD__)
 DELETE query wrapper.
 deleteJoin ( $delTable, $joinTable, $delVar, $joinVar, $conds, $fname=__METHOD__)
 DELETE where the condition is a join.
 doAtomicSection ( $fname, callable $callback)
 Run a callback to do an atomic set of updates for this database.
 doneWrites ()
 Returns true if the connection may have been used for write queries.
 encodeExpiry ( $expiry)
 Encode an expiry time into the DBMS dependent format.
 endAtomic ( $fname=__METHOD__)
 Ends an atomic section of SQL statements.
 estimateRowCount ( $table, $vars=' *', $conds='', $fname=__METHOD__, $options=[])
 Estimate the number of rows in dataset.
 explicitTrxActive ()
 fieldExists ( $table, $field, $fname=__METHOD__)
 Determines whether a field exists in a table.
 flushSnapshot ( $fname=__METHOD__)
 Commit any transaction but error out if writes or callbacks are pending.
 getDBname ()
 Get the current DB name.
 getDomainID ()
 getFlag ( $flag)
 Returns a boolean whether the flag $flag is set for this connection.
 getInfinity ()
 Find out when 'infinity' is.
 getLag ()
 Get replica DB lag.
 getLBInfo ( $name=null)
 Get properties passed down from the server info array of the load balancer.
 getMasterPos ()
 Get the position of this master.
 getProperty ( $name)
 getReplicaPos ()
 Get the replication position of this replica DB.
 getScopedLockAndFlush ( $lockKey, $fname, $timeout)
 Acquire a named lock, flush any transaction, and return an RAII style unlocker object.
 getSearchEngine ()
 getServer ()
 Get the server hostname or IP address.
 getServerInfo ()
 A string describing the current software version, and possibly other details in a user-friendly way.
 getServerUptime ()
 Determines how long the server has been up.
 getSessionLagStatus ()
 Get the replica DB lag when the current transaction started or a general lag estimate if not transaction is active.
 getWikiID ()
 Alias for getDomainID()
 ignoreIndexClause ( $index)
 implicitOrderby ()
 Returns true if this database does an implicit order by when the column has an index For example: SELECT page_title FROM page LIMIT 1.
 indexExists ( $table, $index, $fname=__METHOD__)
 Determines whether an index exists Usually throws a DBQueryError on failure If errors are explicitly ignored, returns NULL on failure.
 indexUnique ( $table, $index)
 Determines if a given index is unique.
 insertSelect ( $destTable, $srcTable, $varMap, $conds, $fname=__METHOD__, $insertOptions=[], $selectOptions=[])
 isOpen ()
 Is a connection to the database open?
 isQuotedIdentifier ( $name)
 Returns if the given identifier looks quoted or not according to the database convention for quoting identifiers .
 isReadOnly ()
 lastDoneWrites ()
 Returns the last time the connection may have been used for write queries.
 lastQuery ()
 Return the last query that went through IDatabase::query()
 limitResult ( $sql, $limit, $offset=false)
 Construct a LIMIT query with optional offset.
 listViews ( $prefix=null, $fname=__METHOD__)
 Lists all the VIEWs in the database.
 lockIsFree ( $lockName, $method)
 Check to see if a named lock is available (non-blocking)
 lockTables ( $read, $write, $method, $lowPriority=true)
 Lock specific tables.
 makeList ( $a, $mode=self::LIST_COMMA)
 Makes an encoded list of strings from an array.
 makeWhereFrom2d ( $data, $baseKey, $subKey)
 Build a partial where clause from a 2-d array such as used for LinkBatch.
 masterPosWait (DBMasterPos $pos, $timeout)
 Wait for the replica DB to catch up to a given master position.
 maxListLen ()
 Return the maximum number of items allowed in a list, or 0 for unlimited.
 namedLocksEnqueue ()
 Check to see if a named lock used by lock() use blocking queues.
 nextSequenceValue ( $seqName)
 Returns an appropriately quoted sequence value for inserting a new row.
 onTransactionIdle (callable $callback, $fname=__METHOD__)
 Run a callback as soon as there is no transaction pending.
 onTransactionPreCommitOrIdle (callable $callback, $fname=__METHOD__)
 Run a callback before the current transaction commits or now if there is none.
 onTransactionResolution (callable $callback, $fname=__METHOD__)
 Run a callback as soon as the current transaction commits or rolls back.
 pendingWriteCallers ()
 Get the list of method names that did write queries for this transaction.
 pendingWriteQueryDuration ( $type=self::ESTIMATE_TOTAL)
 Get the time spend running write queries for this transaction.
 ping (&$rtt=null)
 Ping the server and try to reconnect if it there is no connection.
 reportConnectionError ( $error='Unknown error')
 reportQueryError ( $error, $errno, $sql, $fname, $tempIgnore=false)
 Report a query error.
 restoreFlags ( $state=self::RESTORE_PRIOR)
 Restore the flags to their prior state before the last setFlag/clearFlag call.
 rollback ( $fname=__METHOD__, $flush='')
 Rollback a transaction previously started using begin().
 runOnTransactionIdleCallbacks ( $trigger)
 Actually run and consume any "on transaction idle/resolution" callbacks.
 runOnTransactionPreCommitCallbacks ()
 Actually run and consume any "on transaction pre-commit" callbacks.
 runTransactionListenerCallbacks ( $trigger)
 Actually run any "transaction listener" callbacks.
 select ( $table, $vars, $conds='', $fname=__METHOD__, $options=[], $join_conds=[])
 Execute a SELECT query constructed using the various parameters provided.
 selectDB ( $db)
 Change the current database.
 selectField ( $table, $var, $cond='', $fname=__METHOD__, $options=[])
 A SELECT wrapper which returns a single field from a single result row.
 selectFieldValues ( $table, $var, $cond='', $fname=__METHOD__, $options=[], $join_conds=[])
 selectRow ( $table, $vars, $conds, $fname=__METHOD__, $options=[], $join_conds=[])
 Single row SELECT wrapper.
 selectRowCount ( $tables, $vars=' *', $conds='', $fname=__METHOD__, $options=[], $join_conds=[])
 Get the number of rows in dataset.
 selectSQLText ( $table, $vars, $conds='', $fname=__METHOD__, $options=[], $join_conds=[])
 The equivalent of IDatabase::select() except that the constructed SQL is returned, instead of being immediately executed.
 serverIsReadOnly ()
 setBigSelects ( $value=true)
 Allow or deny "big selects" for this session only.
 setFlag ( $flag, $remember=self::REMEMBER_NOTHING)
 Set a flag for this connection.
 setLazyMasterHandle (IDatabase $conn)
 Set a lazy-connecting DB handle to the master DB (for replication status purposes)
 setLBInfo ( $name, $value=null)
 Set the LB info array, or a member of it.
 setLogger (LoggerInterface $logger)
 setSchemaVars ( $vars)
 Set variables to be used in sourceFile/sourceStream, in preference to the ones in $GLOBALS.
 setSessionOptions (array $options)
 Override database's default behavior.
 setTableAliases (array $aliases)
 Make certain table names use their own database, schema, and table prefix when passed into SQL queries pre-escaped and without a qualified database name.
 setTransactionListener ( $name, callable $callback=null)
 Run a callback each time any transaction commits or rolls back.
 setTrxEndCallbackSuppression ( $suppress)
 Whether to disable running of post-COMMIT/ROLLBACK callbacks.
 sourceFile ( $filename, callable $lineCallback=null, callable $resultCallback=null, $fname=false, callable $inputCallback=null)
 Read and execute SQL commands from a file.
 sourceStream ( $fp, callable $lineCallback=null, callable $resultCallback=null, $fname=__METHOD__, callable $inputCallback=null)
 Read and execute commands from an open file handle.
 startAtomic ( $fname=__METHOD__)
 Begin an atomic section of statements.
 streamStatementEnd (&$sql, &$newLine)
 Called by sourceStream() to check if we've reached a statement end.
 strreplace ( $orig, $old, $new)
 Returns a comand for str_replace function in SQL query.
 tableExists ( $table, $fname=__METHOD__)
 Query whether a given table exists.
 tableNames ()
 Fetch a number of table names into an array This is handy when you need to construct SQL for joins.
 tableNamesN ()
 Fetch a number of table names into an zero-indexed numerical array This is handy when you need to construct SQL for joins.
 tablePrefix ( $prefix=null)
 Get/set the table prefix.
 timestamp ( $ts=0)
 Convert a timestamp in one of the formats accepted by wfTimestamp() to the format used for inserting into timestamp fields in this DBMS.
 timestampOrNull ( $ts=null)
 Convert a timestamp in one of the formats accepted by wfTimestamp() to the format used for inserting into timestamp fields in this DBMS.
 trxLevel ()
 Gets the current transaction level.
 trxTimestamp ()
 Get the UNIX timestamp of the time that the transaction was established.
 unlockTables ( $method)
 Unlock specific tables.
 update ( $table, $values, $conds, $fname=__METHOD__, $options=[])
 UPDATE wrapper.
 upsert ( $table, array $rows, array $uniqueIndexes, array $set, $fname=__METHOD__)
 INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE wrapper, upserts an array into a table.
 useIndexClause ( $index)
 USE INDEX clause.
 wasConnectionError ( $errno)
 Do not use this method outside of Database/DBError classes.
 wasLockTimeout ()
 Determines if the last failure was due to a lock timeout.
 writesOrCallbacksPending ()
 Returns true if there is a transaction open with possible write queries or transaction pre-commit/idle callbacks waiting on it to finish.
 writesPending ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from IDatabase
 selectFieldValues ( $table, $var, $cond='', $fname=__METHOD__, $options=[])
 A SELECT wrapper which returns a list of single field values from result rows.

Static Public Member Functions

static newInstance (array $p=[])
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from DatabaseSqlite
static fixIgnore ( $options)
static generateFileName ( $dir, $dbName)
 Generates a database file name.
static getFulltextSearchModule ()
 Returns version of currently supported SQLite fulltext search module or false if none present.
static newStandaloneInstance ( $filename, array $p=[])
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Database
static factory ( $dbType, $p=[])
 Construct a Database subclass instance given a database type and parameters.
static getCacheSetOptions (IDatabase $db1)
 Merge the result of getSessionLagStatus() for several DBs using the most pessimistic values to estimate the lag of any data derived from them in combination.

Private Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Database
const DEADLOCK_DELAY_MAX = 1500000
 Maximum time to wait before retry.
const DEADLOCK_DELAY_MIN = 500000
 Minimum time to wait before retry, in microseconds.
 Number of times to re-try an operation in case of deadlock.
const PING_QUERY = 'SELECT 1 AS ping'
const PING_TTL = 1.0
 How long before it is worth doing a dummy query to test the connection.
const SLOW_WRITE_SEC = .500
const SMALL_WRITE_ROWS = 100
const TINY_WRITE_SEC = .010
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DatabaseSqlite
 closeConnection ()
 Does not actually close the connection, just destroys the reference for GC to do its work.
 doBegin ( $fname='')
 Issues the BEGIN command to the database server.
 doQuery ( $sql)
 SQLite doesn't allow buffered results or data seeking etc, so we'll use fetchAll as the result.
 indexName ( $index)
 Index names have DB scope.
 makeUpdateOptionsArray ( $options)
 openFile ( $fileName)
 Opens a database file.
 requiresDatabaseUser ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Database
 assertOpen ()
 Make sure isOpen() returns true as a sanity check.
 doCommit ( $fname)
 Issues the COMMIT command to the database server.
 doRollback ( $fname)
 Issues the ROLLBACK command to the database server.
 escapeLikeInternal ( $s)
 fieldNamesWithAlias ( $fields)
 Gets an array of aliased field names.
 fieldNameWithAlias ( $name, $alias=false)
 Get an aliased field name e.g.
 getApproximateLagStatus ()
 Get a replica DB lag estimate for this server.
 getBindingHandle ()
 Get the underlying binding handle, mConn.
 getDefaultSchemaVars ()
 Get schema variables to use if none have been set via setSchemaVars().
 getLastPHPError ()
 getLazyMasterHandle ()
 getLogContext (array $extras=[])
 Create a log context to pass to PSR-3 logger functions.
 getQueryVerb ( $sql)
 getReadOnlyReason ()
 getSchemaVars ()
 Get schema variables.
 getTransactionLagStatus ()
 Get the replica DB lag when the current transaction started.
 ignoreErrors ( $ignoreErrors=null)
 Turns on (false) or off (true) the automatic generation and sending of a "we're sorry, but there has been a database error" page on database errors.
 installErrorHandler ()
 isTransactableQuery ( $sql)
 Determine whether a SQL statement is sensitive to isolation level.
 makeGroupByWithHaving ( $options)
 Returns an optional GROUP BY with an optional HAVING.
 makeOrderBy ( $options)
 Returns an optional ORDER BY.
 makeUpdateOptions ( $options)
 Make UPDATE options for the Database::update function.
 nativeInsertSelect ( $destTable, $srcTable, $varMap, $conds, $fname=__METHOD__, $insertOptions=[], $selectOptions=[])
 nativeReplace ( $table, $rows, $fname)
 REPLACE query wrapper for MySQL and SQLite, which have a native REPLACE statement.
 pendingWriteAndCallbackCallers ()
 reconnect ()
 registerTempTableOperation ( $sql)
 restoreErrorHandler ()
 resultObject ( $result)
 Take the result from a query, and wrap it in a ResultWrapper if necessary.
 tableNamesWithAlias ( $tables)
 Gets an array of aliased table names.
 tableNamesWithIndexClauseOrJOIN ( $tables, $use_index=[], $ignore_index=[], $join_conds=[])
 Get the aliased table name clause for a FROM clause which might have a JOIN and/or USE INDEX or IGNORE INDEX clause.
 tableNameWithAlias ( $name, $alias=false)
 Get an aliased table name e.g.
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Database
static generalizeSQL ( $sql)
 Removes most variables from an SQL query and replaces them with X or N for numbers.
- Protected Attributes inherited from DatabaseSqlite
string $dbDir
string $dbPath
 File name for SQLite database file.
FSLockManager $lockMgr
 (hopefully on the same server as the DB)
int $mAffectedRows
 The number of rows affected as an integer.
$mConn $mConn
resource $mLastResult
string $trxMode
 Transaction mode.
- Protected Attributes inherited from Database
string $agent
 Agent name for query profiling.
bool $cliMode
 Whether this PHP instance is for a CLI script.
LoggerInterface $connLogger
DatabaseDomain $currentDomain
string $delimiter = ';'
callback $errorLogger
 Error logging callback.
string bool null $htmlErrors
 Stashed value of html_errors INI setting.
float $lastPing = 0.0
 UNIX timestamp.
resource null $mConn = null
 Database connection.
string $mDBname
bool null $mDefaultBigSelects = null
integer $mFlags
string $mLastQuery = ''
 SQL query.
float bool $mLastWriteTime = false
 UNIX timestamp of last write query.
array $mLBInfo = []
bool $mOpened = false
string $mPassword
string bool $mPHPError = false
string $mSchema = ''
array bool $mSchemaVars = false
string $mServer
array $mSessionTempTables = []
 Map of (table name => 1) for TEMPORARY tables.
array $mSessionVars = []
string $mTablePrefix = ''
array[] $mTrxEndCallbacks = []
 List of (callable, method name)
bool $mTrxEndCallbacksSuppressed = false
 Whether to suppress triggering of transaction end callbacks.
array[] $mTrxIdleCallbacks = []
 List of (callable, method name)
int $mTrxLevel = 0
 Either 1 if a transaction is active or 0 otherwise.
array[] $mTrxPreCommitCallbacks = []
 List of (callable, method name)
callable[] $mTrxRecurringCallbacks = []
 Map of (name => callable)
string $mTrxShortId = ''
 Either a short hexidecimal string if a transaction is active or "".
string $mUser
array null $preparedArgs
object string $profiler
 Class name or object With profileIn/profileOut methods.
LoggerInterface $queryLogger
BagOStuff $srvCache
 APC cache.
 $tableAliases = []
TransactionProfiler $trxProfiler

Detailed Description

Definition at line 3 of file DatabaseSqliteTest.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ newInstance()

static DatabaseSqliteMock::newInstance ( array  $p = [])

Definition at line 6 of file DatabaseSqliteTest.php.

References Database\factory().

Referenced by DatabaseSqliteTest\setUp().

◆ query()

DatabaseSqliteMock::query (   $sql,
  $fname = '',
  $tempIgnore = false 

Run an SQL query and return the result.

Normally throws a DBQueryError on failure. If errors are ignored, returns false instead.

In new code, the query wrappers select(), insert(), update(), delete(), etc. should be used where possible, since they give much better DBMS independence and automatically quote or validate user input in a variety of contexts. This function is generally only useful for queries which are explicitly DBMS-dependent and are unsupported by the query wrappers, such as CREATE TABLE.

However, the query wrappers themselves should call this function.

string$sqlSQL query
string$fnameName of the calling function, for profiling/SHOW PROCESSLIST comment (you can use METHOD or add some extra info)
bool$tempIgnoreWhether to avoid throwing an exception on errors... maybe best to catch the exception instead?
bool|ResultWrapper True for a successful write query, ResultWrapper object for a successful read query, or false on failure if $tempIgnore set

Reimplemented from Database.

Definition at line 13 of file DatabaseSqliteTest.php.

References Database\lastQuery().

Referenced by DatabaseSqliteTest\getColumns(), DatabaseSqliteTest\getIndexes(), DatabaseSqliteTest\testAddQuotes(), DatabaseSqliteTest\testCaseInsensitiveLike(), DatabaseSqliteTest\testDeleteJoin(), DatabaseSqliteTest\testDuplicateTableStructure(), DatabaseSqliteTest\testDuplicateTableStructureVirtual(), DatabaseSqliteTest\testInsertIdType(), and DatabaseSqliteTest\testNumFields().

◆ replaceVars()

DatabaseSqliteMock::replaceVars (   $s)

Override parent visibility to public.

Reimplemented from DatabaseSqlite.

Definition at line 22 of file DatabaseSqliteTest.php.

References $s.

Member Data Documentation

◆ $lastQuery


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